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The Winter-Jason Relationship, or more commonly referred to as Winson, is the loving relationship between Winter Delgado and Jason Hill. Winter first meets Jason in One Will Always Follow, and they both develop a crush on one another. At the end of the episode, they sing a duet together, and Winter admits to being bisexual. Jason doesn't seem happy. In Duets, Part 1, it is revealed that Jason is ignoring Winter. She really wants to be with him, but he keeps running away from her and avoiding her. Harmony eventually helps her to realize that they don't have to be together to make her happy. In Duets, Part 2, it changes in that Winter is now ignoring Jason, and Jason decides he wants her back. He tries to win her back by attempting to seduce her with Freddie for the Unitards duet competition, however it does not work. In The Bright Lights, they get back together, and Jason and Winter both apologize for everything they've done to each other. In Almost There, Winter puts the relationship on hold, as she fears she is a bad girlfriend, but promises she will come with Jason to prom, if he wants.



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