The Winter-Helen Relationship, or more commonly referred to as Helinter, is the mother-daughter relationship between Winter Delgado and Helen Delgado. Winter seems to try her hardest to please her mother and does everything she says, although her mother is never happy with her daughter's efforts. In This Is Who I Am, Helen calls upon her daughter to cook her her dinner, to which Winter unhappily agrees, believing that what Helen said was more of an order than a question. When Helen sees Winter chopping the cucumbers unevenly and not quickly enough, she yells at her. Winter answers back, saying that if she chops any faster she'll chop the cucumbers even more unevenly and she may chop her finger off in the process. Helen becomes extremely angry, grabs the knife off Winter and cuts her down the back, then leaves the house angrily. Winter has since moved out of her mother's house to stay with close friend Justine Callaway.

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