Vocal Adrenaline is a glee club from Carmel High. They originally appear on Glee as a Nationals-winning show choir, often a major rival to the New Directions. They make their first appearance to Glee: The Unitards in the Season One episode Spying. The lead performer is revealed to be Carlton Ayers. They are first seen when The Unitards decide to go and spy on Vocal Adrenaline, and Carlton performs I Love You, I Do. He then catches The Unitards at the end of the performance, but they convince him that they are from NYADA. Later, Jesse St. James, a former lead star of the club, is employed by Carlton to secretly mentor the club, despite the fact that he was already coaching The Unitards. In Popularity, Carlton convinced Poppy Hill, who was part of The Unitards at the time to transfer to Carmel High to be a part of Vocal Adrenaline, and she does so, believing it is in best interest for herself, when in fact Carlton only did it to help Vocal Adrenaline win Sectionals by removing one of The Unitards strongest vocalists from the competition, as well as gaining her for themselves. They end up going to Sectionals in A Win?, and they win a true first place, but are later disqualified from the competition when Poppy Hill admits that Jesse had been secretly mentoring them, as she felt guilty to lie to all of her friends from The Unitards and to be a cheat. In the end, Poppy ends up re-joining The Unitards, and bringing Carlton along too. Later, in One Will Always Follow, one episode after Sectionals, Jesse is re-enforced as glee club director.

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Sectionals, 2012

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