This Is Who I Am
Season One, Arc Two, Episode Fourteen
Air date September 24, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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Be Strong
He's The Wizard
This Is Who I Am
is the fourteeth episode to Season One of Glee: The Unitards. Writing for this episode began on the 9th of September and the episode was released on the 24th of September.


In anger, Winter's mother, Helen Delgado, cuts Winter down the back, leading it to bleed. This left a negative effect on Winter. Later Jason finds out and is worried about her. Laura sets the glee club assignment of expressing themselves and their true inner feelings. Tommy is back from his flu, and June is ecstatic. Liz and Poppy mend their friendship and Laura finally reveals her bisexuality to The Unitards. Also, after Mr. Jelly was fired, it is revealed that Mr. Hadberg is the new principal, to many of the teacher's relief, surprisingly. Mr. Jelly hears his previous staff talking about him behind his back and how happy they are that he's leaving. Mr. Hadberg also shockingly expells Amanda, Rex, Liz, Teddy,Carlton and Poppy for skipping school, and cuts the school musical of Wicked much to many's dismay, including Jesse.

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  • Reflection from Mulan. Sung by Winter.
  • We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Sung by Andy and June with The Unitards.
  • You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home by Miley Cyrus. Sung by Poppy and Liz.
  • This Is Who I Am by Vanessa Amerosi. Sung by Laura.
  • Defying Gravity from Wicked. Sung by June and Justine with the Citizens of Oz.

Guest StarsEdit

Special Guest Appearance:

Guest Cast/Recurring:


  • This is the first episode ever on Glee: The Unitards that Vanessa Lengies (as Sugar Motta) has been absent in an episode.
  • This episode contains the 100th performance. "Defying Gravity".


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