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The Season One Update Team for Glee: The Unitards is a team put in place and run by Gleekfan101. There role is to help out with editing pages once the first season ends. Their roles will be minimul and there are no major punishments if work isn't completed. The Update Team is simply a group of users who think they might be able to lend a small helping hand for the wiki, helping to keep all pages on the wiki up to date. Nominations commenced on December 29th, and anyone who wants to apply to the team must nominate themselves in the comment section on this page. More clarification for the team is listed further below.

Roles of The Update TeamEdit

The team is asked (but in no way expected), to complete any of the following activities to lend a helping hand:

  • Edit song pages from all episodes, following the correct format.
  • Create any pages for minor characters whom have pages that were never created.
  • Add and update the songs on character pages, if necessary (although it is more than likely this job is completed on most pages).
  • Add categories, if any are missing.
  • Post links to scripts of episodes (the scripts posted on Glee Wiki, on Jordan's blog), onto the respective episode page on this wiki, if needed.
  • Add trivia to any necessary pages.

Please note that there are Layout & Design Requirements highlighting techniques of editing that are required and used on the wiki.

Remember that there are NO punishments if you don't make a single edit :)Edit

The Update Team MembersEdit

Currently, the team is as follows:

What do I do if I have a question?Edit

Please ask the head of this team, Jordan, on his message wall, if you need clarification for something, or have an enquiry. 

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