The Super Girls is the name of the cheerleading squad at Jackson High. It is run by Margret Ellis. The Super Girls are generally portrayed as The Unitards enemies, since they are the polar oppoosites of each other; the cheerleaders are popular and, generally portrayed as heartless people, whereas the glee club contains kind, open people who are underdogs. The head cheerleader was Laura Tomlinson prior to Season One's commencement, and continued on until Miss Ellis discovered of her bisexuality, and kicked her off of the cheerleading team. Her replacement came in Ava Collins, who currently still occupies the head cheerleader position. Former members included Junette Harris, who was kicked off the team in Break Up, due to her accidentally knocking the human pyramid over in practice. Other known members include Justine Callaway, who joined prior In The Beginning, at the start of the school year, and Sugar Motta, who joined in Be Strong. It was revealed in In The Beginning by Patrick Jelly, that the team usually makes it to Nationals, but is always beaten by Sue Sylvester's McKinley High Cheerios squad.

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