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The Next Harmony is the third episode of the second season of Glee: The Unitards, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. 

PLEASE NOTE: The episode is no longer a duet episode, and therefore, no longer titled "Duet With Me" but rather "The Next Harmony"


  • There are lots of scenes with Winter in this episode. Her parents feature in it once again.
  • There are 6 songs this episode. Jordan is attempting to cut back on songs each episode from now on, so that the plot and characters are central.
  • The episode begins with a Harmony and Phoebe scene.
  • There are at least two Splaura (Spider/Laura) scenes this episode.
  • There is a Splaura (Spider/Laura) duet.
  • A scene cut from the previous episode is used in this episode.
  • Somebody is forced to see a psychologist this episode (however, the scene for this may not be used but rather just summarised through a conversation in another scene)
  • Auditions begin to decide the new co-captain after Terri's departure.
  • An Amy/Jesse scene takes place. Amy reveals bad news to Jesse about somebody.
  • Helen will sing in this episode, for the first time.
  • Justine has a scene with her father, that will eventually lead into her major story in arc two.
  • The episode ends on a duet, with a scene at a hospital.
  • The intentions and actions of Ava and Carlton hinted at last episode are revealed this episode.
  • Jordan admits that he changed the entire idea for this episode at the last minute and rewrote several scenes, due to feeling the previous ones were boring and acted as fillers, and nothing exciting happened in the episode. Thankfully, this has been changed.
  • A female member of The Unitards reveals something major.


  • TBA by TBA. Sung by Winter Delgado, Laura Tomlinson and Harmony Harpse.
  • TBA by TBA. Sung by TBA and Helen.
  • People Will Say We're In Love from the musical Oklahoma! (cut from last episode) Sung by TBA male and TBA female
  • Burn the Pages by Sia. Sung by TBA
  • Hair by Lady Gaga. Sung by TBA.
  • TBA by Adele. Sung by TBA and TBA.



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