Stella Donaldson is a recurring character introduced in the first half of the season two premiere episode to Glee: The Unitards, Everybody's Changing. Stella is the elder sibling of brother Lewis Donaldson, with a one year age difference between the two. Stella was born in Britain and was raised there by her father, however, Lewis was taken from Britain and grew up in New York with his mother. This was because Stella's father was an alcoholic and when her mother took him to court, she only gained custody over one child, and Stella's father gained custody over the other. This made growing up for Stella difficult, as she had to learn to be independent as she could not rely upon her father for much, and not being around her brother for years upon years was dificult also. Stella is currently in her sophomore year at the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts, or abbreviated to NYADA.

Stella meets Lewis' new friend, Harmony Harpse in Everybody's Changing, when Lewis invites her to their house to hang out. Harmony admires Stella for all of her achievements; a display of singing, acting, dancing and gymnastics trophies on a shelf on her wall. The two bond, and Stella inspires Harmony to continue what she loves doing most so that she can one day be accepted into her dream school, NYADA, much like Stella.

Jordan has promised that Stella will definitely be returning several times this season, and will have an even larger role in the third season of the series.


Season TwoEdit




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