Mash Me Up is the fourth episode of the second season, and the twenty-sixth overall. It is the annual mash-up competition once again in The Unitards.


Harmony remindsThe Unitards that there's a very high chance that they'll be versing Fusion, a glee club from Dallas, at Nationals, if they make it that far, and that the only way to beat them is to have better mash-ups than them, leading Jesse to declare the week's assignment mash-ups. There are two teams, each containing half of the club's members. The competition is between the two teams and whichever team has the better mash-up wins. Jesse invitesAmy and Ginger to help and judge. However, Jesse's idea of "a friendly competition" only brings arguments and misconnections between members of the club as they head into a battle of the voices. Meanwhile, Liz attempts to get closer to a previous lover, and Harmony receives shocking news.


  • Season 2 mark's the first full episode dedicated to mash-ups.


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Season One
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Season Two
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Goodbyes to the Past, Hellos to the Future

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