Lewis Donaldson is set to be a central main character in the near approaching second season of Glee: The Unitards. He will debut in the second episode to the first season, Everybody's Changing. Lewis is the younger brother of one year older sister, Stella Donaldson, who will also make her first appearance in Everybody's Changing. Lewis' introduction was stated by Jordan to have mainly served to replace Mark LaTerri, who left in the previous season, as well as to give Harmony Harpse a new love interest. Lewis was born and raised in New York, but moves to Defiance, Ohio in season two. His mother and father got divorced when Lewis and Stella were both young, as his father abused his mother. His mother gained complete custody over Lewis, however, his father, who was the "bad parent in the relationship," somehow was able to obtain guardianship over Stella, and took her to his birthplace, London, where Stella was forced to say goodbye to Lewis and her mother. This affected both Lewis and Stella negatively, and in a large way. Lewis' mother was afraid of taking her ex-husband to court once again, as she feared that he would abuse her as his way of blackmailing her into not taking him to court. However, after several years of Lewis' mother missing Stella, she got a lawyer and took her ex-husband to court, and stood up to him. She managed to gain full custody over both Stella and Lewis, and also convinced the jury to send Lewis' father to prison, where he still remains today, thankfully. However, since Stella was raised in London, her accent has changed slightly. Lewis will have several storylines throughout the show. He will join The Unitards.

Please note this page is under construction as information gathered here will be structured differently, with many parts of this information later being added under "History" under his "Biography" section. This page offers a glimpse into the new character.


Season TwoEdit



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