Glee: The Music, The Unitards, Volume 2


24th September, 2012

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Glee: The Music, The Unitards, Volume 2 is the second volume to the Glee: The Unitards album series. It is an unnofficial glee album, containing exactly 25 songs from Arc 2 of Season One, episodes One Will Always Follow to This Is Who I Am. It would include songs from He's The Wizard but due to the songs being used on The Wiz Album, songs won't be featured here. The album cover art and actual release date of album was on the same date of This Is Who I Am, which was September 24th, 2012.

Featured SoloistsEdit

(In order of appearance on album)

Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

Absent Main CastEdit

Episodes FeaturedEdit

All of the episodes featured were from Arc Two of Season One.

The list below contains all the episodes that had songs featured on this album:

The following Arc 2 episodes were discluded from this album as the songs were featured elsewhere:


Track No. Song Title Original Artist/s Featured Artist/s Episode Title
1. Shut Up And Kiss Me Reece Mastin Josh Hutcherson (Jason) One Will Always Follow
2. Bound To You Christina Aguilera Jordin Sparks (Poppy)
3. Wouldn't Change A Thing Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Christian Serratos (Winter) & Josh Hutcherson (Jason)
4. Baby (You've Got What It Takes) Michael Bublé & Sharon Jones Jonathan Groff (Jesse) & Amy Adams (Amy) Duets, Part 1
5. A Whole New World From Aladdin James Maslow (Tommy) & Bonnie Wright (June)
6. Kiss From A Rose Seal James Maslow (Tommy)
7. Mind Your Manners Chiddy Bang ft. Icona Pop Dan Benson (Simon) and Vanessa Lengies (Sugar)
8. Play That Funky Music Wild Cherry Raina Hein (Teddy) and Dakota Fanning (Liz)
9. Yesterday The Beatles Samuel Larsen (Spider) Duets, Part 2
10. Where Have You Been Rihanna Rita Ora (Laura)
11. Raise Your Glass P!nk Freya Mavor (Amanda) & Logan Lerman (Rex)
12. Born This Way/Express Yourself Lady Gaga/Madonna Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) & Christian Serratos (Winter)
13. Good News Matt Dusk Robbie Ammell (Freddie) & Josh Hutcherson (Jason)
14. Hello, Hello Elton John & Lady Gaga Samuel Larsen (Spider) & Rita Ora (Laura)
15. I Don't Wanna Wait The Veronicas Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) & Ariana Grande (Crystal) The Bright Lights
16. Have a Little Faith in Me Mandy Moore Emily Didonato (Justine)
17. This Is Our Song Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Josh Hutcherson (Jason) & Christian Serratos (Winter)
18. Me Party From The Muppets Movie Bonnie Wright (June) & Emily Didonato (Justine) Be Strong
19. Be Strong Delta Goodrem Christian Serratos (Winter)
20. Both of Us BOB ft. Taylor Swift Dan Benson (Simon) & Christian Serratos (Winter)
21. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Bonnie Wright (June) & Cameron Mitchell (Andy) This Is Who I Am
22. This Is Who I Am Vanessa Amerosi Rita Ora (Laura)
23. Reflection From Mulan Christian Serratos (Winter)
24. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home Miley Cyrus Jordin Sparks (Poppy) and Dakota Fanning (Liz)
25. Defying Gravity From Wicked Emily Didonato (Justine) and Bonnie Wright (June)

Solo CountsEdit

3 points is given to characters who sing a solo, 2 points to someone who sings a duet with one other character, and 1 point to someone who sings in a group number with other characters.

  1. Winter - 15 points
  2. Jason - 9 points
  3. June & Laura - 8 points
  4. Poppy, Spider, Justine & Tommy - 5 points
  5. Simon, Harmony & Liz - 4 points
  6. Jesse, Amy, Teddy, Amanda, Rex, Crystal, Freddie, Andy & Sugar - 2 points


  • All songs on this album are either solos or duets; there are no group numbers. Jordan stated that this was just a coincidence and was not intended
  • This is the least amount of songs Harmony has ever been featured in on an album


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