Everybody's changing
Everybody's Changing
Season Two, Episode One, Part One
S2e1 title card
Air date 8th October, 2013
Written by Jordan
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Season One
No Matter How Hard You Try,
I'll Always Belong In The Sky

Everybody's Changing is the first half of the first episode, to the second season of Glee: The Unitards, and the twenty-third episode overall. The episode will consist of two parts (the title of the second half has not been revealed yet). The first half was posted on the 8th of October, 2013.

To read the full episode, visit the Everybody's Changing (Full Episode) page on the wiki.


Harmony begins to mourn over the loss of Terri, when her big sister Phoebe is called to fly over from New York to try to help her sister get back on her feet. Sugar returns to Jackson High School, which excites her boyfriend Simon. Meanwhile, Poppy enlists Liz and Carlton to help cheer up Jason, who is very upset after losing Winter, however, the pair are barely helpful when they start arguing. Eventually, Poppy seeks the help of Harmony, and obtains some ideas on how to cheer up her brother. Ginger feels the guilt of not having counseled Winter properly the year before, and Jesse proposes a plan that Amy co-direct with him in glee club. Harmony meets a boy named Lewis, who much like herself, dreams of having a career on Broadway. She also gains a friendship with his sister, Stella, who is about to begin her freshman year at NYADA. Freddie makes an important decision for his future, and helps out a friend in need. Daisy, Liz and Laura grow closer as friends and help one another deal with the losses of their boyfriends. Andy confides in June, telling her that he will be moving to Canada halfway through the year, and after an awkward conversation, June kisses Andy, who is shocked and frustrated. Spider learns that his son Ant only has about a month to live, after being severely stabbed during a home invasion, and is extremely upset. Liz and Carlton quit glee club, and Harmony takes a break in order to prevent excess stress, however, she promises she will only be away a week.


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  • This episode marks the first appearances of Lewis Donaldson, the New York raised boy; his older sister Stella who has been accepted into NYADA; as well as Tracy Palms, a nerdy yet confident member of the Jackson High School News Team.
  • The first time when the premiere episode of a season includes all main cast members (season one excluded three main cast members - Rita Ora, James Maslow, and Logan Lerman as their respective characters Laura, Tommy and Rex)
  • Swirls were used in the episode title header as swirls are 'twisting and spiralling' and symbolise movement on the pathway of life, until the middle/end of the spiral (death) is reached. Obviously, the death of Ant Reed is nearing, hence the symbolic meaning of the spiral. The color green was chosen as it is commonly associated with change, which links to the episode title.
  • This is the seventh episode in the series to be named after a song. Its predecessors were:
    • Smooth Criminal (Season 1, Episode 2, named after the Michael Jackson song)
    • I Kissed a Girl (Season 1, Episode 4, named after the Katy Perry song)
    • Be Strong (Season 1, Episode 13, named after the Delta Goodrem song)
    • This Is Who I Am (Season 1, Episode 14, named after the Vanessa Amorosi song)
    • Forgotten (Season 1, Episode 18, named after the Avril Lavigne song)
    • If We Ever Meet Again (Season 1, Episode 22, named after the Timbaland ft Katy Perry song)
  • This is the first episode in Season Two to be named after a song.


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Everybody's Changing No Matter How Hard You Try, I'll Always Belong In The Sky
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