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So here’s what you missed last season on Glee: The Unitards...

At the start of the year, the glee club was basically abandoned, so the lead performer Harmony convinced the principal, Mr. Jelly, to hire the group a new director, who eventually came in the form of Jesse St. James, the Nationals winning former Vocal Adrenaline star. He was a great coach with a wonderful voice, but he quit once, got fired once, and almost fired again another time.

Original member of the club, Jason Hill, began a relationship with Winter Delgado, but her mother was cruel and abusive, and spent all of her money on things she didn’t need, and neglected her daughter. She even slashed a knife down Winter’s back. It almost killed her! Yikes! Considering all the stress in her life, Winter fled from Defiance, away from home, leaving a heartbroken and worried boyfriend, Jason.

Glee club co-captains, Harmony Harpse and Mark LaTerri fell in love, but when Terri’s dad was offered a job in Chicago, it seemed like the end for the two, as Terri’s father encouraged him to come along with him. This upset Harmony majorly, and they never even really got a proper goodbye, because Terri didn’t want to wake Harmony in the morning, and he thought it’d be too hard for them to say goodbye to each other. When Harmony woke up, she went to the Defiance airport to say her goodbyes, but Terri was about to board the plane, so they still didn’t get any closure.

Bookish, studious Amanda Evans began dating the introverted boy with Aspergers, named Nick Young, whilst Broadway wannabe, June Harris started a relationship with aspiring future songwriter, Tommy Barlow. 

Spider Reed, the dreadlocked glee boy, began a relationship with former head cheerleader Laura Tomlinson, although when Spider found out that she was cheating on him with the head cheerleader, Ava, he broke up with her. Sort of a similar story with June Harris’s previous relationship with Andy Jones, the nerdy, alcoholic kid. The two were together but then Andy discovered that June was cheating on him with Tommy, so they broke up too. 

Cameron Lawrence, the school’s football quarterback, was dating Liz Peep, the usually left-out, quiet girl, but they broke up when the truth that their relationship was organized by Ava as a prank came out. The sweet and cute girl of the glee club, Daisy Evans, eventually dumped her boyfriend Freddie Weathers, because she didn’t know how their relationship was going to work since Freddie was graduating, and teachers Amy Sky and Jesse St. James grew closer the more they got to know each other, which eventually led them into a relationship. The two even spent their Christmas together in Miami.

Wow, that’s a lot of relationship drama!

Meanwhile, Spider’s son Ant was discovered unconscious, and Spider became worried, believing him to possibly be dead, but nobody really knows the real fate of Ant. Spider attempted reviving him, but who knows whether he succeeded?

Overall, it was a very interesting year, with so many things going on. Like, so many things that it’d take up twenty-two episodes to sum up completely.


The first week of Summer 

A depressed Harmony lay on her bed, engaged in pensive though. There were merely too many sorrowful events that existed in her life, and she couldn’t take them anymore. One of her closest friends, Winter, had fled away from home to escape her abusive mother, and Terri, her boyfriend, had flown away to Chicago -in order to follow his father’s new work schedule - leaving Harmony all by herself in Defiance, most likely never to see him again.

While she mostly thought of Terri, she listened to her ‘Sad Playlist’ on repeat. 

“All by myself! Don’t wanna be... all by myself!” Celine Dion’s version of the popular song echoed through Harmony’s ears, the vibes of the song tunneling through the slightly twisted earphones. “Anymore...”

Her bedroom door suddenly creaked open, which gave her a slight fright.

“Phoebe?” Harmony confusedly croaked through her tears.

“Yes, it’s me,” her older sister crooned sweetly.

Harmony brought her music to a halt, yanked her earphones out, then asked in an expressionless tone, “Why are you here, big sister?”

“Mom called me a few days ago and told me everything. She said that you’re really upset. This true?” Phoebe questioned, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.

“Maybe,” Harmony shrugged, wiping her tears a little with her sleeve.

“Look, don’t lie. I know you’re upset. Anyway, I couldn’t stand the fact that you were back in Ohio, probably crying on your bed, listening to your Sad Playlist.”

Harmony laughed a little. “You remember I have a playlist for when I’m feeling down?”

“Damn right I do!” she exclaimed. “How did this happen, Harms? I only left back to New York last time because I thought you were happy.”

“I was,” Harmony replied.

“I know,” Phoebe answered her sister. “And that’s why I can’t seem to comprehend how and why you’re so upset again.”

“Phoebe, I need help!” Harmony broke down into tears anew, opening up to her sister. “My world revolved around Terri! I can’t live without him! I haven’t sang a single note for a week and it’s becoming depressing!”

“I understand, sweetie. And that’s why I’m here... to help you. To help you move on. The first thing you need to do if you want to move on... is sing about it! You said that you haven’t sang for a while? Well, warm up your vocal chords, girl, because we are singing a duet!” Phoebe exclaimed.

“I am NOT singing anything, Phoebe!” she cried sharply. “I’m not in the mood for it! I need time to heal before I can sing.”

“Exactly!” Phoebe replied. “I know you well, Harms. And I know that when you sing, you can do anything. You just have to get a song back in your throat. Once you sing again, you’ll remember how much talent and greatness you have left for the world. And your voice will MAKE you move on... because your voice is more important than any boy in the world.”

Harmony sighed as she forced herself off her bed, while Phoebe searched through her sister’s tremendously large rack of discs hanging off the wall.

Eventually, Harmony’s sister chose one and placed it inside Harmony’s CD player.

“Oh... ooh,” Harmony began singing with a silvery voice. In her head, she knew Phoebe had chosen this particular song because the lyrics were obviously intended to be directed at Terri. “He's all right, he's all wrong. He's a player, he's a dog. He's my friend, he's my foe. I just can't leave him, I can't go. I got my reasons, got my pride. I got these kids, we got these ties. We had this love, I had these dreams. I'm falling apart at the seams.”

She continued with her light, gentle voice, “He's my man when we're at home. And it can't hurt if I don't know. All his secrets, all his lies. I just keep pushing out my mind. I wish that everybody would stop judging. Pointing fingers, it's cutting. My heart is broken, I'm open and feeling so bad. I gotta make decisions. I'm strong but who am I kidding? I'll be okay but this love is tearing me in half.”

“Nobody wants to be the one breaking up,” Phoebe joined her sister, both an octave higher than previously. “I'm down on my knees and praying for this love.”

Harmony continued taking the solo much like the start of the song, with Phoebe echoing the chorus, “I'm in love (I’m in love), I'm still in love (I’m still in love). I just don't think (I just don’t think) that it's enough (it’s enough). I can feel it getting colder. I'm afraid of starting over.”

Harmony knew that she was going to drift away from Terri eventually, even if he was the one she loved the most. She couldn’t envision a possible way for their relationship to last. Successful long distance relationships were rarities. However, moving on didn’t seem a possibility either, at the current moment. She still loved Terri. No matter how far away he was, she knew she would always still love him.

Harmony carried on with the song. Her voice was now sounding just as intense and powerful as usual. “He makes me feel like a child. He makes me happy when he smiles. He makes me sad, he makes me mad. I wanna give him all I had. And I have tried to treat him good. Show support like I should. Did my part, he's my heart. And I've been faithful from the start.”

A giant grin spread on Phoebe’s face as she watched her sister enjoying herself so much.

“He's my man when we're at home,” Harmony resumed.  “And it can't hurt if I don't know. All his secrets, all his lies. I just keep pushing out my mind. I wish that everybody would stop judging. Pointing fingers, it's cutting. My heart is broken. I'm open and feeling so bad. I gotta make decisions. I'm strong but who am I kidding? I'll be okay but this love is tearing me in half.”

Once again, Phoebe sang along with her sibling, “Nobody wants to be the one breaking up. I'm down on my knees and praying for this love.”

Harmony took the chorus while Phoebe repeated parts, “I'm in love (I’m in love), I'm still in love (I’m still in love). I just don't think (I just don’t think) that it's enough (it’s enough). I can feel it getting colder. I'm afraid of starting over.”

Phoebe put out her hand for Harmony to grab onto, and they twirled around Harmony’s bedroom in style, while they both sang the bridge of the song, “To save this life we built together, we need another chance. It's like my whole life and my existence, he holds in his hands, in his hands!”

“Nobody wants to be the one breaking up. I'm down on my knees and praying for this love, yeah,” the girls belted forcefully.

 “I'm in love (I’m in love), I'm still in love (I’m still in love),” Harmony clicked her fingers in time to the beat of the music. “I just don't think (I just don’t think) that it's enough (it’s enough).”

“I can feel it getting colder. The time has come for starting over,” the two sisters concluded the song together.


S2e1 title card


The twinkling tune of the doorbell sounded throughout the entire building.

“Coming in one second!” the woman yelled at the door as she mournfully wiped her eyes with a bunch of thick, white tissues, the tears now vanishing from her once-rivered face as they became absorbed into the lot.

Helen heaved her thin, almost anorexic-looking body off the couch and slothfully walked towards the door in a cautious manner, wondering who would be standing behind the door.

Through the door’s spherical peephole, Helen recognized her unexpected visitor waiting at the entrance to her expensive home.

She unlocked the door hesitantly and then stared into the eyes of the figure, who leant sadly against one of the cemented columns that supported the house.

Finally, she reacted, and began to speak. “I thought you took the flight to Chicago for work. What are you doing here, Leo?”

The man shook his head in disgust. “You should know why I’m here, Helen! Surely you don’t require an explanation, do you? You scared our daughter away!”

Tears began to trickle down the sides of Helen’s cheeks, once again. Her husband was such a gentle, kind man, and seeing him yell was such an infrequency, that Helen knew he was upset. She slowly dropped her head into a rested position on his shoulder, desperate for some comfort.

“I’m so sorry, honey, I never meant any of this,” she managed to say through her uncontrolled breathing.

Deep down inside, Helen was aware that she was the cause of Winter’s disappearance. She had treated her daughter like a slave, and never once did it occur to her that this would result in her daughter running away.

“I understand you’re sorry, but... why? Why would you do this to Winter?” Leo uttered back.

“I guess I never realized things had gotten so bad,” she replied, still crying. “If I’d known that Winter was going to run away, I never would have ignored and neglected her. I feel so bad, and I just don’t know how to make things better. I understand if you hate me and you want to get divorced, because I basically should be in prison. I slashed a knife down her back and she could have die-”

“We’ll be okay,” her husband assured her the first time that evening. His arms now wrapped their way around Helen in hopes of making her aware that he forgave her. “We’re going to fix this, I know it. Winter’s a strong girl, she’ll just have to endure whatever difficulties she’s faced with out in the real world.”

“How can you be so confident that we’re going to get her back?” Helen asked, slightly less tears evident on her face.

“Because come hell or high water, I will not stop until we find our little sweetheart. I’ll even quit my job. I just need you to promise me that you’ll do the same, to keep trying to get her back, no matter what the circumstances might be.”

“I promise I’ll do everything I can,” Helen nodded apologetically.

At that, the couple’s fingers interlocked, as a promising symbol of retrieving their little girl.


About half a week later, retrieving Winter was looking slightly more hopeful. They had made the officers at the local police station aware of their misfortune; leaving out the detail of WHY she had fled. The police agreed to send out some investigators to track down the teenage girl.

Even though there was nothing more the parents could do, Helen had a fear that she would never see Winter again. Hence, Helen insisted that she and Leo visited the police station every single day, to make sure that if there were updates on the situation, they’d be made aware of them straight away, and if any help could be given, they’d be there to assist.

It was on the first Sunday morning of Summer that the pair were to visit the local police headquarters. Once they had arrived, they were asked to wait for a few minutes until the Head Officer was available for conversation, to discuss the matter.

While they remained in the waiting room, a dreadlocked teenage boy entered the station with his elderly grandmother, who had short grey hair. 

Helen and Leo sat in the waiting area, watching the tears of the boy come streaming down his face, due to the obvious loss of a loved one.

Then, breaking the painful silence, the breath of the elderly woman warmed up the cold air.  “Any reports, Officer?” the old llama spat in her confident English accent. 

“On what?” the police officer replied, annoyed.

The woman’s eyes rolled around in their sockets. “On the case, sir! What else do you think I’m talking about?”

“Yes, I understand it’s a case that you’re talking about, but I need you to specify which exact case you’re talking about, otherwise I can’t inform you of any updates,” the policeman replied.

“Since when did the cases have specific names? I was never told one, anyway. Anyhow, it’s the case trying to find the identity of the person who attempted to murder my great grandson. His name’s Ant Reed.”

Spider looked towards the officer and nodded in agreement. 

“Well, let me take a look,” the policeman replied. He then began tapping away at the keyboard for a few moments, searching for files on the case.

Helen and Leo sat in their seats, both slightly frustrated that the old woman didn’t take them into consideration, and had pushed in the line. However, they understood that something equally saddening had most likely occurred to the boy, so they let them ahead.

Meanwhile, Spider reached down into his pocket and pulled out a handful of tissues that he had stuffed in there earlier on. Soon, the tissues became drenched from the boy’s tears, as he continuously wiped below his eyes, the tears ceasing to continue down his face.

Eventually, much to the dismay of the two visitors, the policeman shook his head. “Sadly, no updates. Looks like the criminal lives a little longer. I mean, the reality is, as a punishment for such a serious crime, they’ll probably be put on a death trial.”

“Look, this is ridiculous, how long will it take until the person’s found?” the gravelly voice of Spider’s grandmother came again.

“Well, we’re not sure,” the policeman replied.

Spider dismissed his great grandmother’s slight rudeness, and thanked the man for checking anyway, whilst beginning to turn away with Abigail, stopping once on his way out so as to wipe his tears.

As they left, the Head Officer gazed over at Helen and Leo, who got out of their seats and approached the officer, hoping for the best.


School’s commencement 

“We’re here at Jackson High with the new school year!” the girl spoke fluently and articulately into camera. The energy her voice possessed, mixed with her perfect intonation, expression, and eye contact, gave her report a very professional feel.

The sophomore girl’s plaited orangey-brown hair hung loosely on her narrow shoulders, and her eyes seemed to glow excitedly, full of energy, providing her with a young, schoolgirl look.

“I’m Tracy Palms and I’m representing the Jackson High School News Team, on this beautiful, cloudless Monday morning, the first day back at school!”

The girl’s smile was spread broadly from ear to ear, and her mind appeared to be whizzing with thoughts on what questions to ask her next passerby.

“To begin with, our first interviewer is Jason Hill! So... how are you feeling, Jason?” her eyes shot out wide with enthusiasm for the report, her ears switched on, waiting for a juicy testimony screaming gossip all over.

The way she spoke reminded Jason of an overenthusiastic female version of the cartoon character, Spongebob Squarepants.  He tried to walk off so as to escape having to answer any questions, but Tracy had trapped him in a corner, with the camera right in front of the poor boy’s face. The microphone was almost shoved down his throat, it was literally that close to his face.

“How am I feeling?” Jason restated the question, then answered, “Well, to be honest, not the best.” The boy’s chocolatey-brown eyes were bleary and empty of the usual energetic sparks that they so often possessed.

“Why, what’s the matter?” the girl asked, hoping the explanation for his sadness would make for an interesting report.

“Look, Tracy, if you lived in my shoes, you’d understand why I’m pissed off. I’m a boy with a life full of challenges and difficult moments, fighting to keep myself alive! You’re just a wannabe news reporter with a life consisting of a camera and an annoying high-pitched voice, fighting to get a good story for your silly news team!”

It was obvious Jason was annoyed through the harsh tone of his voice. However, when considering his internal emotions, his attitude was completely understandable. He thought that he may never see the girl he loved the most in the world again, which had upset him enough already, so all he needed now was to be approached by an annoying, gossip-obsessed girl only after an interesting story.

“So... I take it you don’t like me,” Tracy replied, her eyes mimicking those of a sad, begging puppy.

“You’re correct, I definitely do not like you, Tracy, and I’m going to leave it at that before you start asking me stupid questions like what the size of my underwear is!” Jason yelled and stormed off.

It was true, though. Tracy did have a reputation for asking random and undesired  questions such as the one mentioned by Jason. 

Despite not feeling in the mood for it, his first class of the day was glee club, which he felt his peers would compel him to attend. Feeling downcast, he walked towards the choir room, still mourning over the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend.


“Welcome back, everybody,” Jesse said, stepping into the choir room for the year’s first glee club lesson. 

“I think I can sense you’ve grown an inch or two since you were last in here,” Ginger spoke with a grim humor, as she welcomed the kids into the room. Amy took a glimpse at Ginger shyly, worried how she would handle her upcoming speech to the group.

Jason couldn’t help but wonder why both Ginger and Amy were present for the glee club lesson. Surely Jesse hasn’t organized a competition for the group this early in the year, he thought to himself in his seat. Surely they’re not BOTH going to be assisting Jesse with judging. The chair beside him was empty. It was where Winter usually sat.

Interrupting Jason’s thoughts, Sugar walked in.

“What are you doing here, princess?” Carlton asked sassily, confused.

“I know I was supposed to have left for McKinley, but I decided I like it here and wanted to stay.”

“Typical Rich Bitch, changing her mind at the last minute,” Laura mumbled under her breath. 

“It’s great to see you!” a beam spread across Simon’s face as he got up and gave his girlfriend a nice, warm hug.

“Hey!” Laura suddenly chimed up, “Does anyone know where the hell Spider is?”

No one replied. Firstly, because no one really knew the definite answer to his whereabouts, and secondly, because Ginger was attempting to shush the kids so that she could begin her speech.

Eventually, once the kids were seated and settled quietly, Ginger nervously approached the centre of the choir room.

“So, uh... anyway,” Ginger spoke, clearing her throat, so as to remove the phlegmy substance at the back of her neck, that was associated with her recently caught cold. “As the guidance counselor of the school, it’s my job to make you aware of something that’s happened just a short time ago. As a result of social networking, some of you may know this already, but one of your members, Winter Delgado, has unfortunately fled Defiance in hopes of a better life.”

Jason stared down at the floor, so as to avoid eye contact with Ginger or any other glee members that would shoot him questioning looks, wondering whether Winter’s disappearance was linked with his efforts as her ex-boyfriend. Deep inside, Jason knew that he wasn’t the reason for Winter’s fleeing. He knew that the real reason was her mother, however, he was aware that Winter trying to impress him as a boyfriend may have assisted in her decision to leave. Having him as a boyfriend was a minor stress that may have contributed to her already stressful life, just as adding a salty dressing to an already salty salad clearly makes the salad only more saline.

Before resuming her speech, Ginger eyed off Laura and a few others who were staring at Winter’s ex with curiosity, just as Jason had hypothesized.

“I want to make everyone aware that even though Winter’s life had probably hit a difficult spot, she still made the wrong choice by running away. She took the easy option out of her problems, instead of sorting them out, which is never the way to be.”

Ginger stared into the eyes of each and every one of the students. Jason wanted to start a debate against Ginger. Jason knew that there was no other option for Winter, and the way Ginger had worded her speech almost made it sound like Winter was a disgrace of a human being for running away.

“If any one of you ever have difficulties in your life that are affecting you, please don’t hesitate to visit my office and have a chat with me. That’s what I’m here for. It’s my job. It’s what I’m getting paid for. There are so many great ways out of hard situations in comparison to fleeing, or even suicide. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that whether it be suicide or running away that you’re considering, neither are ever proper options out of problems. So many people would love to help you out if times get tough, we’ll be waiting with our arms wide open. Please never take your life or run away, guys, please.”

Concurrently, Amy nodded her head in agreement, letting the words from the guidance counselor’s mouth sink into the heads of the kids.


“You killed the speech.” Jesse’s head turned to Ginger. “And I mean that in a good way, of course. It was so good, I couldn’t have done it better myself, and that’s saying something, because I’m basically the King of Speeches.”

“That’s nice of you, Jesse,” Ginger thanked the glee teacher as she lifted her eyes off the newspaper, situated on the staff room table.

“You’d better take what he just said as a compliment because you won’t be hearing it for a while. He practically never compliments anyone like that, even me, and we’re dating,” Amy added, causing bursts of laughter to erupt from the mouths of Ginger and Jesse, even though the joke was directed at him.

Amy noticed that something in Ginger’s voice sounded unusual. Was it simply her cold, or was there something that she was hiding from the two, that was making her voice sound particularly secretive?

“I feel so bad. I don’t understand how things got so out of hand in Winter’s life. I mean, I spent the most time with her out of all of us, and things seemed fine in glee.”

Amy shrugged her shoulders. The subject made her slightly uncomfortable, as secretly, as a teenager, she had undergone a similar event as Winter. She was bullied all her life, and by her high school years, things began to get out of hand. She planned to flee her hometown, Defiance, much like Winter. However, her caring mother, Carol, helped her to be strong in those tough times, and aided her out of her depression.

“Anyway, speaking of glee,” Amy changed subjects, “Who’s going to be the new co-captain. I mean, Terri’s in Chicago now, right?”

“That’s a very good point!” Jesse exclaimed. “With the all the chaos going on with Winter, I forgot all about Terri and his replacement in glee club. Thanks, I suppose I need to think through who would be good to fill his place.”

“I have to confess something,” Ginger interrupted, in a hesitant manner, changing the topic. “Winter approached me in my office about a week before she was reported to have ran away. She told me how her life was becoming difficult and her mother was abusive towards her. The advice I gave her was terrible and so unhelpful. I didn’t tell her how to handle things properly and I feel partly responsible that she made a dash from home.”

Shocked, neither Jesse nor Amy knew how to respond to the teacher. 

Then somebody finally said something to break the raw, harsh silence that Ginger felt. “Just... don’t worry about it, Ginger. There’s nothing you really could do about it,” was all Amy could think of saying.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal,” Jesse added.

“I took her story with a grain of salt because there had been so many girls coming to me complaining about the silliest, most minor things, and, I guess I just assumed that she was one of them. You know, half the girls that come in complain about boy issues, then the next day greet with me a new one. Also, I wasn’t in the mood to help her because I was sick of helping everyone else with their petty, little problems. 

“I suppose I also presumed that her story was exaggerated and not that much of a big deal, because, to be honest, she acted pretty casual about the whole situation, as if it weren’t a big problem. I’m such an idiot. I mean, who even knows where she could be right now? She’s probably out on the streets, eating leaves and mud just to survive, and it’s all my fault.”

“Ginger, everything’s going to be okay. This is a phase for Winter and she’ll get through it, I know she will,” Jesse said as an attempt to enlighten Ginger’s mood, even if only the slightest difference was made.  “You can’t punish yourself for something you haven’t done. So what that you didn’t give her the best advice or take it seriously at the time? It’s not like you were the actual cause of her disappearance. It was her mother who did the things that made her leave, if what Winter told you was the truth. You weren’t the one who was at home neglecting her, were you? So no matter whether your advice to her was good or bad, Winter was going to run away, and there’s nothing anyone at this school could have done to stop her from going ahead with it. Ginger, it’s not your fault, you have to understand that otherwise you’re never going to forgive yourself.”

“You know, usually the teachers at this school tend to ignore me because they think I’m just the old lady who teaches English and sits in the corner drinking a couple of sugarless coffees a day. But you two have welcomed me into your group and I feel delighted to think that there are some people I can really count on at this school. Thanks for everything, really.”

“It’s alright, Ginger, you’re a good person. You just can’t punish yourself for what happened,” smiled Jesse.

“That’s right. Now, all that’s left for us to do about this whole situation is pray that God will keep Winter safe while away from home, and hopefully have her returned to Defiance as soon as possible,” Amy added.


Harmony, still saddened by the loss of her close friend Winter, as well as her boyfriend Terri, sauntered along the cafeteria queue, scooping piles of charred pumpkin and other overcooked vegetables onto her tray. Cafeteria food wasn’t the most appealing or nourishing, but since Harmony was too depressed to get up early in the morning and make her own lunch, the school’s food was simply going to have to do for the day.

Spotting her friends a few tables away, Harmony began advancing towards the group. 

Since her eyes were gazed firmly and intensely on the bunch, her concentration was not fixed on where she was walking. This lack of concentration led her to bump into a boy. As she collided with him, her burnt foods were flung off her tray and landed haphazardly all over the boy’s shirt.

“Oh my god! I’m really sorry. Are you okay?” Harmony quickly responded, bending over to pick up her tray off the ground.

“It’s alright, it’s fine,” the brown-haired boy replied with a cheerful, toothy grin. 

Harmony ran over to the serving area and pulled a heap of serviettes into her palms. She then rushed back to the boy and began wiping madly at his shirt, scraping the mushy mess into the napkins.

“I’m such a klutz sometimes,” she muttered to herself, bent over, still cleaning the student.

“It’s fine, really. I can do it myself,” he replied, about to grab the handful off Harmony, who could not believe the calmness at which the boy spoke. 

“How can you be so calm about all this?” asked Harmony. “It’s the first day back and you’re already covered in squashed veggies.”

“Well, for me, it’s not my first day back, technically. It’s my first day ever, actually. I’ve transferred schools.”

“Oh my god, I’m really sorry! This is such a bad welcome to our school! I feel terrible, I’ve got to make this up to you in some way. By the way, I’m Harmony Harpse.”

By now, the boy’s clothing had been cleaned so much that barely a stain could be seen left over. 

“The name’s Lewis. Lewis Lennon Donaldson. Named after C.S. Lewis, the popular writer; the one who created and wrote the Narnia series. My middle name’s after my mother’s favorite singer, John Lennon, and my last name’s... well, my last name.”

“Ah, I see,” she smiled. “That’s really funny, because the Chronicles of Narnia is still one of my favorite books to this day and John Lennon has always been one of my idols. You see, I’m a singer. I’m the captain of the school’s glee club, The Unitards. You sing yourself?”

A little laugh came from Lewis’ mouth. “Funnily enough, I do. What’s the entry for the glee club? Is it free entry for all, or is an audition required?”

“Auditions have to be made before we definitely accept anyone, but unfortunately we probably won’t be taking anyone in at the moment. It’s hard to explain, but just between you and me, one of the girls in the group has an abusive mother, which led her to run away from home to escape her. Now is just not really the time for people to be joining, we’re all so upset. It’s not the same without her.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Lewis nodded understandingly. “So when do you think you’ll be accepting people, then?”

“I don’t know, to be honest, Lewis, but I’d be happy to see you audition in like a week or so, when things have finally calmed down a bit, you know?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” His smile was so calming and welcoming that Harmony simply couldn’t help but stay with him and continue the conversation.

“So, uh... how have your classes been today? Do you like it here at Jackson High, or do you prefer the school you came from?” she asked, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

“Well,” Lewis began, thinking for a moment, then continuing, “Things have been okay. I mean, I’ve lived in New York City for all my life so coming to a smaller place like Ohio is a big alteration for me... but, the people seem friendly.”

“I don’t mean to be giving you terrible first thoughts and impressions of our school, but, if you think the people here are friendly, then you obviously haven’t seen anything. This school can be a nightmare, trust me. But going back to your thing about New York, how is it there? My dream is to be on Broadway. I’m applying to a very prestigious performing arts school there named NYADA; stands for the New York Academy of-”

“The Dramatic Arts,” Harmony continued, Lewis speaking in unison with the girl.

“How do you know what it’s called?” Harmony gasped, shocked.

“My older sister, Stella, starts there this week. I’m applying for NYADA too.”

“Wow, it’s a small, small world out there,” replied Harmony. “You know, you may as well choke on your audition because having an older sibling enrolled at the school is practically a golden ticket to being accepted.”

“I doubt anyone would choke their audition intentionally. I mean, come on, this is NYADA we’re talking about. It’s the nation’s best performing arts school, it’s one of the most prestigious schools in the entire world,” he laughed.

Harmony chortled a girlish giggle. He was right. Who the hell would choke their audition for a school like NYADA on purpose, Harmony thought to herself. I am setting such a bad impression on him about myself and the school.

When the two stopped laughing, Lewis spoke. “Anyway, I’ve got to get ready for my next period. It was lovely meeting you though.”

“You too. Sorry for the food incident, I didn’t mean for that to happen. Maybe I could show you around the school a little someday. Anyhow, hopefully I’ll see you around.”

“It’s okay, really. You cleaned up the mess so you’re off the hook. And yeah, I’d love a mini-tour. I’m constantly getting lost here. Anyway, I’ll see you around.” Lewis waved and the two walked in opposite directions; Lewis to his locker, and Harmony back to the cafeteria queue to re-pile the burnt food.


Poppy secured her locker shut, then unwrapped her salad sandwich. Taking a bite, she approached her good friend, Liz.

“Hey, girl,” she smiled, once she had gulped her first mouthful of the sandwich.

“How are you?” Liz replied, a twinkle in her eye as she closed her locker.

The two girls headed towards the cafeteria. “I’m not too bad,” Poppy replied. “I’m kind of bummed out because Jason’s been acting really strange lately.”

It was true, Jason had deviated away from his standard behaviours. He had only been acting very anomalously since Winter had left.

“He’ll be fine as soon as Winter gets back,” Liz declared confidently.

“But... what if she doesn’t return? What if she never does comes back?” Poppy couldn’t help but react to the situation with a sense of realism.

Liz shrugged. “I’m sure she will.”

“I suppose so,” Poppy responded, but deep inside she knew that the prospect of Winter returning to Defiance was quite unlikely. Firstly, it’d be a stroke of luck if Winter were able to survive by adapting to the harsh environments, especially when considering the many factors of survival, such as starvation and dehydration. Secondly, the Defiance investigators were well-known for their appalling history in concluding and sorting out cases - they would never find Winter.

The girls had now reached the cafeteria, and plonked themselves down onto their usual table. Poppy watched as Liz took a bite out of her juicy red apple.

“I’ve tried to cheer up Jason, but he’s so depressed that I can’t see him ever going back to normal.”

“Try to-” Liz began to speak, only to be rudely cut out by Carlton, who had just advanced towards the two.

“Miss Introverted Soul, why are you sitting at my table, with my best friend?” he eyed off Liz. The voice came like a bolt out of the blue, and Liz got a slight shock when she registered that Carlton was referring to her as the ‘introverted soul’.

“Uh... I thought we settled this dispute already, Carlton?” Liz questioned the boy. She could not apprehend why Carlton had been acting so possessive of Poppy, and had been acting so rude to everyone else.

Liz was sure that their disagreement that had occurred the previous year was only a minor bump in their friendship, but now she was establishing second thoughts. All she had said the last school year was that she did not understand how Carlton could enter the girl’s bathrooms with such self-confidence, considering he was, obviously, a he

“I’m so tired of you being so disrespectful to me!” Carlton said in his usual overbearingly exaggerated tone. “Why are you still so bitter about that argument we had last year? Get over it, already, will you?”

Liz gasped, her jaws widened with outrage. “I’m being bitter? Who’s the one that brought this whole thing up again? You, not me!”

“Apologies for wanting to know why you’re so upset!” Carlton said, hyperbolically once again.

“What a lie! Since when did you ask me why I feel upset? You only care about yourself!” Liz bursted out. “In fact, I’m actually upset over something else, to be quite honest. But it’s none of your business, now. I’m so sick of this friendship. In fact, you’ve always been this way. I don’t mind a little bit of sassiness every now and again, but you’ve seriously gone too far, Carlton, and I’m tired of it, I really am.”

Unanticipatedly, Liz flicked her pony-tail into Carlton’s face, and stormed off.

“Fine then! Storm off, I don’t care!” Carlton yelled across the cafeteria, as Liz left.

Poppy slowly stared up from her seat, sandwich still in hand, and looked at Carlton directly in the eyes.

“I don’t know what to say, Carlton,” Poppy finally said something to break the tension. “I’m ashamed that I’m your best friend. You know, maybe you should have stayed in Vocal Adrenaline! Our club’s too kind to have you.”

“Well, maybe I like it better there anyway!” he falsified so as to mislead the girl. “I only came here because of you, after all! At least I got solos there, unlike here where bitchy Harmony and her dense, brainless boyfriend hog the spotlight!”

Much like Liz had done not long before, Carlton stormed off, leaving Poppy all alone, with no response to her question on how to cheer up her saddened brother.


Patiently sitting in the choir room for the lesson to commence, Harmony waited until Jesse entered the room and confirmed that he was present and that the lesson would begin shortly.

Harmony received a slight fright when he entered, as she was caught in such a deep thought about Terri. She looked up to greet her teacher, then noticed it was actually not him after all, but instead Poppy.

“Hey,” Poppy sighed as she took a seat beside Harmony.

“What’s up?” Harmony forced a smile. “You look really sad. I never knew you were so affected by this Winter scenario. I didn’t know you two were close.”

“We weren’t,” Poppy snapped in an annoyed tone. “That’s what I hate the most about all of this; how we were never friends. You know, I was thinking, and maybe if I was close friends with Winter, maybe, just maybe, she would have stayed. Maybe that extra little bit of support coming from me, could have made her feel less worthless and as if other people needed her in their lives.”

Harmony thought for a short moment, then replied, “Winter ran away because of her mother. You know that. No offense, but honestly, you couldn’t have done anything at all to help.”

“I still don’t agree with you, Harmony, but I don’t want to start a big debate, especially since we’d probably have a big fall-out, and I don’t want to see you lose anyone close to you, considering your boyfriend, and one of your best friends is already gone,” Poppy said. As soon as she had mentioned this, she realized it was probably not in the best interest of Harmony to bring up her losses once again.

“Honestly though,” Poppy changed the subject to her own losses, then continued, “I’m pissed about other things as well. Jason’s been acting really nonrespondent  and he’s been ignoring me all the time. Plus, it seems that Carlton and Liz are still feuding over some stupid bathroom incident from last year. The only best friends I know I still have for sure are you and Teddy. At least Teddy tried to give me advice, even if it wasn’t the best.”

“Look, they’re only acting that way because they don’t know how to handle some of their own situations,” Harmony reassured Poppy. “Carlton’s still dealing with the fact that his father cheated on his mother, plus, his sexuality is still something he’s learning to deal with, and so are others. Then there’s Liz, who thought her boyfriend loved her, but really didn’t. Both of them have issues that probably make them frustrated enough as it is, and their taking out their angers on each other.”

“I suppose when you think of it that way, it kind of justifies the way they’re acting, but it’s still affecting me. I asked them one simple question: if they had any suggestions on how to help Jason, but they weren’t helpful at all, because they basically started fighting in front of me and then they both stormed off in a hurry.”

“Look, don’t even worry about it. They’ll get over themselves.... eventually. I’m sure of it,” Harmony said. “Anyway, I have some advice for you. When I was feeling really down about losing Terri, Phoebe tried to get me to sing again, and it really helped when I did get a song back in my throat. I’m kind of thinking that you could do the same thing with Jason. Once he starts singing again, things will all be uphill.”

“Thanks for all your help.” Poppy smiled, as Teddy, Amanda, Rex, Tommy, June, and the feuding pair of Liz and Carlton entered.

Andy ambled tensely over to the ginger-haired girl’s locker. “Hey, June, I have to tell you something. It’s sort of important.” 

“Yeah, what’s up?” she greeted Andy casually, closing her locker door with a smile.

“Well...” he hesitated, “I just found out that my grandparents are moving to Canada and my parents want to follow them there, which means I’ll be going too. It’s sometime during the middle of the year. I really don’t want to go, though.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” June replied. “I’m sure it’ll be heaps of fun in Canada, especially since there’s really cool skiing places. Plus, then you can brag about how you live in the second largest country in the world, wouldn’t that be great? You know, to me, the funniest thing about this conversation is how last year we were basically enemies, and now we’re friends again. I don’t understand how that works, to be honest, but I guess it’s a good thing that we’ve worked our way around our previous enemy status.”

“I never really saw you as an enemy last year. It was all just an act that I put on to hide the fact that I still loved you, June. Sometimes I regret breaking up with you, but what you did to me, June, it hurt. I couldn’t forgive you straight away for cheating on me with Tommy. Now I’m over it, of course, but it still hurts to think that you were dating me probably only for the sake of it. 

“I knew your heart was set on Tommy, that’s why I had to set you free and break up with you. I mean, yeah, I could have lied and said that I never saw the text messages you two were sending each other, but if I really loved you, then I’d do what was best for you, and that was to let you have the boy that you really loved. And that wasn’t me, it was Tommy. It... it still is.” 

Then, instantaneously and unexpectedly, Andy broke down into tears.  

June stared deeply into the eyes of her ex-boyfriend, then leant forward and did something she never dreamed she would do.

She kissed him. It wasn’t a quick peck on the cheek to reassure him that things would be okay, it was a proper, five second kiss on the lips.

Andy’s eyes shot wide open with shock the moment the girl’s lips pressed against his own. His ex-girlfriend, who supposedly was over him, had just kissed him.

“What was that for?” Andy asked curiously, once June had leant back.

“I don’t know, I-I-I cou-couldn’t hold back,” she uttered her reply.

“You know, maybe it’s best I do move to Canada!” Andy yelled. “Frankly, I hate life here! Spending a year fantasizing about a girl that I know will never love me. Wasting so much time sitting in the back of a glee club that still hasn’t even forgiven me for that stupid incident at The Unitards party last year. I know I got drunk and I was crazy and I stripped down to the bare, but I don’t understand why people still hate me for it! Can’t they just get over it?”

“Andy, they don’t hate you! Well, at least I don’t,” June replied. “While I think that what you did was wrong and that your actions can’t be justified, I forgave you because I don’t believe in holding grudges. After that whole event played out, people thought I was crazy for dating you. But I purposely overlooked that and let it go. In my opinion, it’s not about how you fall, but how you pick yourself up. And that’s why I forgave you and what you did. Because you got up and moved on. And to me, that’s the best thing anyone can ever do.”

“Look, I really don’t even care anymore, June! Life sucks! Just tell me why you kissed me!” Andy demanded.

“I don’t know, Andy! Nobody’s perfect, okay? I had an urge and I let it get the better of me. I’m sorry, gosh!”

Unable to control herself, June felt it was best to walk off, as she feared staying would make the argument even more heated.

How Tommy was going to handle the event was the first thing that hit her mind as she walked off.


The heart monitor beeped in short, high-pitched intervals. The fact that Ant was surrounded by such obscure and large quantities of machines and tubes overwhelmed Spider as he entered the hospital room.

“How are you, little fella?” he said to his son, putting on a brave face to ensure all of his fearful emotions and worries were unnoticeable to the doctor. 

Spider then leant over to take a closer look at his son, who lay in a state of lethargy, in the frail form he was in. He then stroked and caressed his son’s dark, wispy hair, afraid that his son’s time was possibly coming to an end in the near time to come.

“How’s Ant going? Is he going to recover?” a timid Spider broke the silence in the room. It was apparent that Ant was harmed from the stabbings he had received, and Spider tried to stay as calm as he could while the doctor began to reply.

“Well,” the the doctor croaked, while stroking his mousy miniature beard nervously. “Sadly, things aren’t looking too good for Ant.”

Spider gulped anxiously, nervous to discover Antoine’s fate. 

“That person that broke into your apartment must have stabbed him exceedingly hard.  What that person did to your son, it’s almost irreversible. Just as the old saying goes, fine words butter no parsnips. As sad as it is, nothing will be achieved if I deceive you into believing that your son will live for many more years. Inevitably, we’ve predicted that Ant’s future average life expectancy is approximately a month.”

Through the moisture gathering around his eyes, the doctor could tell that Spider was about to break down into tears, and decided it best to leave Spider alone during his visiting session.


Walking out of the hospital, Spider cried as he sang, “I remember years ago, someone told me I should take, caution when it comes to love. I did.”

Meanwhile, in the hallways of Jackson High, Andy sang, “And you were strong and I was not. My illusion, my mistake. I was careless, I forgot. I did.”

In glee club on stools, the two boys duetted, “And now when all is done, there is nothing to say. You have gone, and so effortlessly. You have won, you can go ahead, tell them...”

“Tell them all I know now. Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on the skyline. All we had is gone now. Tell them I was happy, and my heart is broken. All my scars are open. Tell them what I hoped would be impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible,” they sang.

“Falling out of love is hard.” Leaning against his locker as he peered over at June, Andy sang, “Falling for betrayal is worse. Broken trust and broken hearts. I know, I know.”

 “Thinking all you need is there. Building faith on love and words. Empty promises will wear. I know, I know,” Spider sang in glee club.

“I know, and now when all is gone, there is nothing to say,” they continued to duet, “And if you’re done with embarrassing me. On your own, you can go ahead, tell them...”

Laura continuously gazed at her ex-boyfriend as he sang with Andy. Hearing his deep, melodious voice once again lit up her insides with joy. 

This is definitely the boy I love, she thought over the top of the lyrics. I need to make a move; I need to win him back.

“Tell them all I know now. Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on the skyline. All we had is gone now. Tell them I was happy, and my heart is broken. All my scars are open. Tell them what I thought would be impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible.”

Spider strummed the notes on his guitar slower, in time to the lyrics as he sang, “I remember years ago, someone told me I should take, caution when it comes to love. I did...”

June watched on as her ex-boyfriend sang. For a year, she had continued to date Tommy, with almost no issues whatsoever. Hearing Andy with such a grown and empowered voice since the previous year reminded her of the small, brief time that they had dated. Her relationship with Andy was not perfect, but neither was her current relationship with Tommy. It was at this moment that she realized that cheating on Andy was cruel, and she wondered what her relationship status would have been currently if it weren’t for her cheating on Andy with Tommy a year earlier.

The two boys continued to sing the final notes of the song, “Tell them all I know now. Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on the skyline. All we had is gone now. Tell them I was happy, and my heart is broken. All my scars are open. Tell them what I thought would be impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible. Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible.”


Jesse sat uncomfortably in his office with Amy.

“So... Amy?” Jesse asked. 

“Yes?” Amy asked with a smile.

“Well...” Jesse began. “I was thinking back to when I first met you and I remembered how you wanted to be the glee director.”

“Where is this leading?” Jesse’s boyfriend giggled.

Jesse laughed a little, then continued. “Initially, I never wanted a co-director, but, now that we’ve gotten to know each other, I feel differently about this situation.”

“So you’re saying that-”

“Yes,” he interrupted the teacher, “I want you to co-direct the glee club with me. It’ll be fun. The kids love you, and furthermore, I won’t have to call you in to judge competitions anymore because you’ll be there already, which is great because the girls seem to think that I’m favoring the guys because I’m one myself. What do you think?”

“Jesse, I don’t know. I just, I-I don’t really know,” she stuttered, unable to find a suitable way to respond.”

“I love helping out in the glee club for competitions,” Amy finally spoke, “But I don’t know if I want to be there full-time. I kind of prefer being a guest star in the group, if you know what I mean.”

“Y-yeah. Yeah, sure, I understand. Just think about it and get back to me. You never know, you might change your mind.”

“Of course,” Amy replied. 

She didn’t know what she was supposed to say or do next, as it was clear that she had upset Jesse by expressing an opinion contrary to his own, by rejecting his proposal. Unknowing of what to do, she eventually decided upon leaving the office, hoping that this would allow Jesse private time to react fully to his proposition’s rejection.

A few moments later, Jesse heard a knock on the door to his office. He got up and roamed towards the door. 

“What is it, Harmony?” Jesse asked, frustrated.

“Meet Lewis Donaldson, future NYADA graduator, Broadway performer, and several times Tony recipient!” blabbered Harmony in her typical excited tone.

Lewis stood beside her, a friendly smile growing on his face as Harmony mentioned his future achievements.

“So you want to join glee club, eh?” Jesse asked the boy.

“How did you know?” Harmony exclaimed, somewhat shocked and surprised.

“The introduction gave it away,” Jesse replied, knowing the answer immediately.

“Anyway,” Harmony said, “Lewis and I were wondering when glee club will be holding auditions for new members, because obviously, as you guessed a second ago, he would like to join.”

“Well, how long will you need to prepare, Lewis?” Jesse inquired the boy.

“I’m already prepared, dude!” Lewis replied. 

“Great then!” Jesse smiled for the first time since feeling down from Amy rejecting his proposal. “So when would you like to audition? Our next lesson’s tomorrow.”

“Are you being serious, Jesse? I think he should wait about a week or two until things in the club calm down and the chaos disappears. It’s only logical. Barely anyone has sung a song in the club yet, and it’s been an entire week since school started.”

“Okay then, Lewis will audition next week, when things have hopefully calmed down. By the way, Lewis, if you want to be on Broadway and get famous, I suggest you change your name. Yours is simply too common and people will forget your name before you’ve even told them it. Also, it sounds a lot like a farmer’s name, and unless the girls you’re trying to impress are cowgirls, then it’s not going to work.”

The look on Lewis’ face suggested he didn’t appreciate the comment.

“Don’t take anything I say seriously, Lewis. I’m just monkeying around.” Jesse laughed. “Your name is fine the way it is.”

“Yep, he’s right. He does like to joke around,” Harmony laughed.


Laura stood over the hand-sink, scrubbing Daisy’s shirt with the bubbly, pink soap provided in each toilet. A bunch of jocks and cheerleaders had slushied the poor girl with a bright green slushie, but luckily, Laura offered her a helping hand in order to clean up the mess.

“Thanks so much for doing this for me,” Daisy grinned contently. “It’s nice to know I have someone looking out for me like this.”

“It’s alright. I’m sure you would do the same for me if I was the one that was slushied,” Laura replied. “You’re the first target for the year. You know, sometimes I think back to when I was head cheerleader, and how I’d never felt the cold iciness of a slushie run down my back. Sometimes I still wish I was that person I was before, so I didn’t have to cop so many slushies, but then I think about glee club, and I realize that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world to lose all of your friendships.”

“Aww, that’s sweet, Laura,” Daisy replied.

A few minutes in, Daisy was all cleaned up, and she and Laura were about to leave the girls’ bathrooms, when a visitor suddenly arrived. It was Liz, but peculiarly, she was crying.  

“What’s the matter?” Daisy quickly asked, when she recognized Liz sobbing.

“Nothing,” Liz brushed off.

Laura shook her head. “Please don’t say that, Liz. We can tell you’re not okay, you can talk to us. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m not out to get anyone anymore. I’ve moved on from being a total self-centered bitch.”

“Fine,” Liz replied, grabbing a paper towel from the compartment attached to the wall, and drying her tears. “I feel like the world’s against me. You know how last year I was expelled along with a group of other glee kids?” Liz asked.

“Yeah,” both Laura and Daisy coincidentally replied at the same time.

“Well, my parents have never let me forget about it. I feel like they don’t trust me anymore and they think I’m a huge rule-breaker. Also, even though we were never really close, I miss Winter just as much as everyone else. Thirdly, I really felt like I had a connection with Cameron, even if the whole relationship was set up as a prank. I really loved him, and now I just miss him all the time. And finally, Carlton’s been acting really strange lately and I don’t know why. He’s been really possessive of Poppy,” Liz addressed her feelings.

“Look, don’t worry, Liz,” Laura responded. “I’m sure they’ve all got reasons for acting the ways they are. For instance, your parents probably just really want to see you succeed in life. Being expelled does kind of give you a bad reputation, to be honest. I’m not judging, because I know that Mr. Hadberg was crazy, and obviously, he was the one who expelled you. But your parents don’t know that; they haven’t seen or heard the entire story.”

“I guess you’re right. But still, I’m so down in the dumps about everything else,” moaned Liz.

“Look, Carlton’s been going through a lot too,” Laura reminded Liz. “If I recall correctly, it wasn’t that long ago that his parents kicked him out because of his sexuality. And it was even less time ago that his mother finally forgave him and allowed him to move back in. Plus, even though he’s back home, it might not feel the same, since his parents got divorced after discovering that his dad was having an affair with another woman. I know he’s been acting really sassy, I’ve seen it first-hand, but he is still dealing with issues, and I think you need to remember that.”

“I suppose you’re right about all that,” Liz said through a smile. However, immediately, the smile vanished when she remembered about her ex-boyfriend. “I still don’t know how I’m going to get over Cameron though.”

“Look, I feel the same, Liz,” Daisy revealed. “I broke the relationship with Freddie off, because I was trying to be mature, considering we wouldn’t see each other much and the temptation of cheating was going to be prevalent. Although, now he doesn’t really want to talk to me and I really miss him.”

“Hey, I have boy problems too! Spider, hint, hint,” Laura said. “Anyway, let’s make a deal. If I promise you two a hundred dollars each, will you come on a shopping spree with me?”

Daisy gasped. “Why would you do that?”

“I know!” Liz exclaimed, confused.

“Because I want to show you two that we can find enjoyment without a boy being present in our lives. Why do we need a man to define us? We’ve let that happen enough already, all we need to do now is move on. Please come.”

Laura knew that having Spider present in her life was actually something that she did need, but regardless, she lied, because she knew it was a way of cheering up the girls.

“I’m in. Anything to do with free clothes and I’m coming!” Daisy giggled.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “Uh... fine, I guess I’ll be coming.”

“Great!” Laura cheered with an excited grin.


At the shopping centre, Laura grabbed a trolley and began to sing, with Liz and Daisy echoing the background notes, “You say that I’m messing with your head (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah). All ‘cause I was making out with your friend (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah). Love hurts whether it’s right or wrong (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah). I can’t stop ‘cause I’m having too much fun (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah).”

“You’re on your knees, begging please, stay with me. But honestly, I just need to be a little crazy,” Daisy and Liz sang together, running into a store exuberantly with Laura wheeling the trolley inside after them.

The three girls looked around the store and continuously looked at racks upon racks of clothing items, as they chanted the chorus in unison, “All my life I’ve been good, but now.... whoa, I’m thinking, what the hell? All I want is to mess around. And I don’t really care about, if you love me, if you hate me. You can’t save me, baby, baby. All my life I’ve been good, but now... woah, what the hell?”

“What. What. What. What the hell?” Liz took the solo, as she tossed a handful of notes to the lady at the check out, walking out of the store with her friends, carrying a newly-bought dress, covered with embroidered colorful butterflies.

The triplet walked into a nicely decorated store, adjoining the previous store they had visited. 

“So what if I go out on a million dates (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah). You never call or listen to me anyway (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah),” Daisy sang with Liz and Laura accompanying her with back-up vocals. “I’d rather rage than sit around and wait all day (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah). Don’t get me wrong, I just need some time to play, yay!”

“You’re on your knees, begging please, stay with me. But honestly, I just need to be a little crazy (crazy!)” Laura and Liz sang, this time Daisy and Laura purchasing a few designer clothing items.

“All my life I’ve been good, but now.... whoa, I’m thinking, what the hell?” the group sang. “All I want is to mess around. And I don’t really care about, if you love me, if you hate me. You can’t save me, baby, baby. All my life I’ve been good, but now... woah, what the hell?”

“La la la la la la la la. Whoa. Whoa,” Daisy hummed along with the tune, as she browsed the isles of clothes.

“La la la la la la la la. Whoa. Whoa,” Liz repeated the phrase, as she too searched through the wide variety of designer attire on sale.

Laura now sang unaccompanied, “You say that I’m messing with your head. Boy, I like messing in your bed. Yeah, I am messing with your head. When I’m messing with you in bed.” The girls now moved on to a candy outlet in the opposite direction of their current store.

About five minutes later, the girls had selected six bags of treats, and handed over their final savings to purchase the confectionary items.

 “All my life I’ve been good, but now.... whoa, I’m thinking what the hell? All I want is to mess around. And I don’t really care about (and I don’t really care about)...”

They continued, “All my life I’ve been good, but now.... whoa, what the hell? All I want is to mess around. And I don’t really care about... If you love me, if you hate me. You can’t save me, baby, baby. All my life I’ve been good, but now, woah, what the hell?”

The music slowed down, and Laura ended the song, “La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.”


“Jason...” Poppy knocked on her brother’s bedroom door.

“What do you want now?” a miserable Jason yelled.

“I want to talk to you,” Poppy replied.

“Fine, but hurry it up!” he growled grumpily.

Poppy sighed as she sat on the side of Jason’s bed. “Look, I know you’re feeling really sad about Winter being gone, but you can’t simply just stay in your room and cry until your eyes can’t take it anymore. You need to move on, and I’ve got an idea...”

The idea, of course, was to attempt to make Jason sing. It was also, of course, Harmony’s idea, however, Poppy would not dare say that she had discussed the plan beforehand with her friends, as that would simply make Jason frustrated, considering the grumpy mood he was always in.

“...if you sing a duet with me, maybe you’ll be able to move on.”

“That’s the stupidest idea I’ve heard in my whole life!” Jason screeched, denying the idea.

“Please. Just give it a go. You have the best voice I know.”

“Fine!” he moaned. “But I’m singing a solo.”


In the courtyard of Jackson High School, Jason walked around, guitar ready in his hands. He had taken Poppy’s advice into consideration, and surely enough, was ready to perform his solo.

The notes were played perfectly from the strummed instrument, as he began to sing.

“You say you wander your own land. But when I think about it I don’t see how you can.”

The song reminded him of Winter. Ever since she’d left, he couldn’t get her to escape his mind.  “You’re aching, you’re breaking and I can see the pain in your eyes. Say’s everybody’s changing and I don’t know why.”

“So little time. Try to understand that I’m trying to make a move just to stay in the game. I try to stay awake and remember my name. But everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same,” Jason sang. 

His voice merged into another scene. Out in the streets of Defiance, we see Winter huddled into a ball-like shape, sleeping under a tall, conifer tree situated out the front of a household. Many other plants and shrubbery concealed Winter from the family that lived inside the property.

“You’re gone from here. Soon you will disappear. Fading into beautiful light. Cause everybody’s changing and I don’t feel right.” 

Spider stood with the majority of the glee club. He had finally overcome his nervous breakdown. The song seemed to reflect upon his own situation. His son, Ant, was going to die, and nothing could be done about it. All that was left to do was to make the most of the moments that the two would share together in the last moments of their life.

“So little time. Try to understand that I’m trying to make a move just to stay in the game. I try to stay awake and remember my name. But everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.” Through a small window in Jesse’s office, he noticed the performance taking place. He leant his ears against the window and  heard the sound of Jason’s melodious voice and sweet-sounding guitar. 

Something hit him at that exact time, something happened that would be best described as a ‘lightbulb moment’. A smile spread on Jesse’s face as he realized what he had just discovered - Jason would be the perfect option for glee club co-captain. He was organized and helpful, his voice was great, he could play the guitar like no one else he had seen before, and best of all, he would work well with his peers and the other co-captain, Harmony. Most of the other male students in the club were inviable for the job.

“So little time,” Jesse’s smile was still spread broad across his face as he could hear the boy singing through the window. “Try to understand that I’m trying to make a move just to stay in the game. I try to stay awake and remember my name. But everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.”

Jason finished the final line of the song, “Oh, everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.”

Instantly, a group of jocks approached Jason and slushied him right in the face.


That night, back in her sea-blue painted bedroom, Harmony was feeling particularly gloomy.

She had developed a close friendship with the boy she had accidentally spilt her lunch on the first day back at school. Harmony and Lewis had only spent a week together, but already, she knew they had a special bond, as they shared numerous common interests and beliefs with one another; both were enrolled to NYADA auditions, wanted to work on Broadway someday, and loved singing and acting, to name a few.

Having Lewis around reminded her of the once-significant bond she shared with Terri, and by the end of the week, she felt deprived of him.

Although Harmony was aware that Terri hadn’t replied to any of her texts or missed calls, some part inside her convinced her that he would answer them eventually. He’s probably just having problems with his phone, or maybe he’s been so busy the past few months with settling in at Chicago, that he simply hasn’t seen my messages or calls, Harmony told herself.

Phoebe tried to persuade Harmony into believing that Terri had moved on, and that she needed to do the same too. However, no amount of words from her big sister could help her fail to remember her one true love, and move on so quickly. Harmony tried her best not to fight with Phoebe - as she knew that doing so would only bring the worst upon them, considering their argumentative pasts with each other - but it proved to be a difficult task, bearing in mind that Terri still meant a lot to her, and had defined her in so many different ways.

Harmony reached over to her wooden desk, then picked up her phone. She dialed the numbers required on the device to reach him, then held her phone up to right ear, hoping for a response.

Beep, beep, the phone sounded in her ear. Beep, beep, it continued.

Meanwhile, at that exact moment at Chicago, Terri heard the phone ring. He was sprawled across his bed, with no items of clothing on, except for a pair of boxer shorts.

“Who is that?” a blonde-haired girl who lay next to him asked.

Terri bent over to reach the phone on his bedside table. It read, You have a call from Harmony Harpse.

“It’s just my dad,” Terri lied to the girl, as he placed the phone back down where it was.

He lay back down on his bed, and resumed making out with the girl.

While this was happening, back in Harmony’s bedroom, the phone stopped beeping.

Hey, it’s Terri! I’m kind of busy right now, and I don’t have my phone, so please leave a message after the tone, the disembodied voice exclaimed through the device.

Harmony, having heard the same message being replayed every time she called Terri, knew the message word by word.

Despite the fact that she had called him a plethora of times already, she still decided to try once and for all.

She cleared her throat then began to talk. “Hey, it’s Harmony. I’m only calling to say that I miss you and that I wish you were here, because, frankly, it doesn’t feel the same without you,” Harmony spoke into the machine with a brittle voice. “We never really got a proper goodbye, so I don’t really know where our relationship stands. I doubt you’ll even listen to this message because you probably don’t even want me in your life anymore, but...” Harmony now broke down into tears, and struggled to continue talking. “I miss you. Anyway, goodbye then.”

She pressed the red ‘End Call’ button, and shakily lay down on her bed, still crying. If  Harmony had known that Terri had already moved on, and was with another girl only a few months after relocating to Chicago, she would have cried even more. 

Ears leant against Harmony’s bedroom door, Phoebe had heard the call her sister had just made.

Frustrated at the excessive amount of times her sister had rung up her ex-boyfriend, Phoebe thrusted through the door.

“Why did you phone him again?” Phoebe asked angrily, as the door slammed hard against the wall behind her.

“I miss him,” Harmony cried.

“I know you do, Harms, but you’ve got to move on!” Phoebe retorted. “You’ve already tried to contact him numerous times. Firstly, you’re going to clog up his phone, and secondly, if he really cared, he would get back to you. The day that you realize that things are changing and he’s progressed without you, is the day that you will be so much happier.”

“You don’t know him. Not at all, Phoebe. You never even met him,” Harmony argued. “I KNOW he’ll get back to me.”

“But that’s the thing, you DON’T know for sure if he will. I’m not saying that he HAS moved on, all I’m saying is that it kills me to see you sitting around each and every day, just waiting for him to text or call you.”

Harmony wiped her face on her sleeve, so as to remove the tears around her eyes. 

“I miss the old Harmony, who was so enthusiastic about life, and loved change so much that she couldn’t live without it. Now, I see a girl who thinks that her life revolves around a boy, and if he’s not around, her life can’t move on. You’re not the girl I remember at all, and I don’t mean that in a good way.”

Phoebe, who was upset that Harmony wouldn’t listen to her advice, stormed out of  her sister’s bedroom.

Harmony knew she had perturbed her sister into a state of worry, and for the first time in her life, realized that maybe Terri had moved on, after all.


In the choir room, during lunchtime, Harmony and Lewis sat beside one another on the piano stool. Lewis had agreed to visit the choir room one lunchtime and perform a duet together. Harmony smiled as Lewis began to stroke the piano notes.

“There was a time when we were down and out,” their voices started to sing, blending perfectly together. “There was a place when we were starting over. We let the bough break. We let the heartache in. Who’s sorry now?” 

“There was a world where we were standing still (ahh),” Harmony sang while Lewis resumed tickling the keyed instrument and hummed along to the notes he played. “And for a moment we were separated. And then you found her. You let the stranger in.”

“Who’s sorry now?” together they sang.

“Who’s sorry now?” Harmony belted the common saying, while Lewis’ playing accelerated in speed. “What, what kind of fool. Tears it apart. Leaving me pain and sorrow.”

Lewis now sang, as well as continuing to play the keys on the instrument. “Losing you now. Wondering why. Where will I be tomorrow?” The way he sang reminded Harmony of the original male singer in the duet, Barry Gibb.

“Forevermore, that’s what we are to be,” Lewis’ voice came anew. 

“Without each other. We’ll be remembering when....” Harmony’s voice now came.

“There was a time when we were down out and out,” the two chanted the chorus. “There was a place when we were starting over. We let the bough break. We let the heartache in. Who’s sorry now?”

Harmony took over the song, “Who’s sorry now?”

For one of the first occasions since Terri had been away, Harmony finally appeared to be enjoying herself. Phoebe was correct, singing was her forte, and only when she sang would her heart surge with joy. The song also brought back memories to Harmony. She remembered the last song she had sung with Terri; it was intended as a goodbye song, however it barely was this, as Terri had to board his plane.

“What, what kind of fool (what, what kind of fool). Tears it apart (tears it apart). Leaving me pain and sorrow (oh!),” Harmony sang with Lewis echoing.

“Losing you now. How can I win? Where will I be tomorrow?” the notes played by Lewis from the piano trilled in tune to the words.

“Was there a moment when I cut you down?” Harmony asked through the song.

“No,” Lewis replied.

“Played around. What have I done? I only apologize,” she concluded her solo part.

“For being as they say,” they duetted, “The last to know. It has to show. When someone is in your eyes.”

“What kind of fool (what kind of fool). Tears it apart (tears it apart),” the two sang together. “Leaving me pain and sorrow (ohh!) Losing you now. Wondering why. Where will I be tomorrow? What, what kind of fool. Tears it apart. Leaving me pain and sorrow. Losing you now (losing you now). How can I win? (how can I win?) Where will I be tomorrow?” 

By the end of the song, the lyrics had made Lewis’ eyes moist. It was an extremely emotional song for him, and it forced him to remember the terrible memories of his past. Memories that he had never openly shared with anyone.

“There was a time when we were down and out. There was a place when we were starting over. We let the bough break. We let the heartache in. Who’s sorry now?” they repeated the beginning verse, ending the song in perfect euphony.

“That was great,” Harmony grinned a toothy smile.

“It was,” Lewis replied.

“You know, you really are a GREAT piano player,” Harmony complimented the brown-eyed boy.

“Thanks. I’m sure you are too.”

“I am, if I say so myself.” Lewis let out a slight chuckle, while Harmony continued the conversation. “I would play you something but this piano doesn’t have enough octaves for the song I want to play, and besides, I don’t have the sheet music on me, so I can’t play it well anyway.”

“Why don’t you... you know...” Lewis fidgeted with the collar of his shirt nervously, “...come over to my place... and we could have a piano and singing session?”

“That sounds wonderful, I would love that!”


The bouncy pitch of the doorbell tune rang vigorously through Harmony’s ears. Even though she was the one who had catalyzed the doorbell to sound, the deafening vibrations it produced shocked the girl.

Suddenly, the door opened. A beautiful brunette girl stood at the entrance to the home.

“Harmony!” the girl exclaimed with clear delight. “It’s so great to meet you!”

“It’s great to meet you too, Stella,” Harmony replied, overwhelmed by the energy with which Lewis’ sister spoke.

“Lewis won’t be a minute, he’s in the shower,” she said as she welcomed Harmony inside.

Stella led Harmony through the living room, where a group of colorful and cosy  sofas were positioned, and two bean-bags rested on the ground. Situated in the centre of the room was a hearty, inviting fireplace. Harmony watched as the flames turned and danced on the burning wood logs, and small bursts of smoke rose up into the brick chimney. 

“Take a seat,” Stella ushered Harmony onto one of the couches - this one a vibrant red color.

Harmony sat, as suggested. “You know, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, because it will make Lewis want to kill me,” Stella began, “But he fancies you a lot. He’s been talking about you literally every day since school started.”

A smile spread across the girl’s face when a thought hit her. Maybe Lewis was her first secret admirer for the year. This seemed to please her, as generally when boys had ‘feelings’ for her, they were never feelings of love, but instead feelings where they found her extremely annoying.

Realizing she hadn’t replied to Stella yet, Harmony responded. “That would be a first.”

Both girls giggled a little. It was at this moment that Harmony suddenly noticed that Stella’s voice seemed to be ‘unique’. There was simply something about Stella’s pronunciations that seemed different to the way most people around her spoke, but she couldn’t quite decode what it was.

“So, do you like it here in Defiance?” Harmony sparked a conversation, hoping that Stella’s reply would assist in her uncovering the mystery of her voice.

“It’s... different, but I like it,” Stella replied.

Instantly, once Harmony had heard this short sentence said, she knew what was so strange about Stella’s voice - it seemed as if she was speaking in a British accent, which was quite strange considering Lewis was brought up in New York!

“Hey, so... I hope you don’t mind me asking this, and I hope you don’t find this kind of rude,” Harmony plucked up the courage to ask Stella the question, “...but why does your voice have an English kind of accent?”

“That seems to be a common question around here,” Stella let out a slight chortle, then continued, “I was raised in Oxfordshire, in England, for basically all my life. The only reason Lewis doesn’t have the accent is because obviously he was raised in New York. You’re probably wondering how we grew up in separate places, considering we’re brother and sister, aren’t you?”

“A little,” Harmony answered truthfully, curious to discover the reasonings.

“I thought so. Well, our parents got divorced around about when Lewis was born. I’m only a year older than him, so I was only about two. They decided to pick one child each, and move on with life. My mother got Lewis, and she moved about in America, and eventually settled in New York. My father gained custody of me, and he decided to stay in England. It’s really a long, detailed story, and I’d love to explain it, but it’s quite emotional for both Lewis and I. Also, Lewis generally likes to his keep his private life, well... private. I’ve said enough already. Anyway, moving on...” Stella smiled, trying to change subjects. “..Would you like to see my bedroom?”

“Yes, I’d quite like that, if that’s fine with you, of course,” Harmony replied.

Stella stepped inside the room first, her tap-dancing shoes creating a click-clacking sound as they thumped against the glazed wooden flooring.

Behind Stella trailed Harmony, still wearing one of her typical berets that she wore almost on a daily basis. This one was blue, and coincidentally, matched quite well with the blending walls. The color reminded Harmony of her own bedroom walls, a vibrant, aqua color that resembled the sea.

Perched up on wooden shelves attached to the walls were rows upon rows of books, all neatly aligned in their assigned places. Placed on a smaller shelf above the plethora of books Stella owned was a heap of trophies, medals and certificates on display. The majority of them were singing or acting achievements, however, among these were dancing awards, sporting and gymnastic successes and even cooking prizes. Harmony clearly registered that Stella was a talented and victorious girl.

Once Harmony had looked around, she decided to begin a conversation with the girl by asking a question. “So, this is your room?”

“Yes, it is. Well, it was, anyway. I’m off to my dream school, NYADA, in a few days. I’m going to be a freshman,” the girl replied. “Didn’t Lewis tell you?”

“He did... and it sounds absolutely incredible, Miss Donaldson. Hopefully you enjoy it there and get the most out of it, because it is, obviously, the best performing arts school in the nation. Hopefully I’ll reunite with you there next year.”

“I don’t know about that one,” Stella laughed back a reply. Harmony interpreted this as Stella insulting her, implying that she wouldn’t get accepted, but then Stella continued to talk. “It’s such a busy school there with such a large population of students and faculty. It’d be an absolute stroke of luck if we saw each other.”

Harmony nodded. “Hah!... for a second there, I thought you were saying I wasn’t going to be accepted.”

“No, of course not! I’m sure you WILL get accepted, if your voice is as amazing as Lewis has described it as. And besides, you ARE one of the captains of your choir group, after all, so I’m sure you know what you’re doing.”

“I wish I was as confident as you and your brother,” Harmony thought aloud. “How do you do it?”

“I’ve been through a lot, so has Lewis,” Stella replied softly. “I guess we just try and ignore everything that’s gone on in our lives, and move on in with a positive attitude, knowing that the only way you can grow mentally as a person, is if you go through those tough experiences. I mean, I suppose the biggest thing that keeps me going every day, is the knowledge that everyone else in the world is struggling too. Whether their problems are easier to handle than my own, or worse, I still know that everyone’s being faced with difficulties. If you remember that each day, you’ll find the strength within yourself to stop your problems from holding you back.”

“You’re so inspirational,” Harmony complimented the girl.

“Oh, please. I’m far from it,” Stella replied modestly.

“Anyway, back onto the topic of NYADA,” Harmony said. “What audition song did you use, and do you have any tips for the audition process? Sorry, I suppose I’m just nervous because this year it’s my turn to audition.”

“Don’t be sorry. I’d be glad to help. I auditioned with Jamelia’s Superstar, which Miss Tibideaux seemed to enjoy.”

“Well, she MUST have enjoyed it if you got accepted!” Harmony declared, overwhelmed with excitement. “And I absolutely adore that song! Going with something a little different, great choice!”

“We should so duet on that song. Like my mother used to always say, you can only  get better at something if you observe the best of the best.”

“But you’ve never even heard me sing before! How can you be so confident that I’m even average?” Harmony couldn’t help but wonder.

“Look, Lewis told me almost your entire repertoire, and trust me, anyone who has such great tastes would have to have a great voice to accompany it. Plus, Lewis told me your voice is wonderful, and he’s never been wrong.”

Harmony giggled. “Okay, well, let’s do this duet!”

“People always talk about (eh oh eh oh eh oh). All the things they’re all about (eh oh eh oh eh oh),” Stella sang, with Harmony echoing the background words. “Write it on a piece of paper (paper). Got a feeling I’ll see you later (later).”

Harmony now took over the solo lines, and Stella took the echoing sections, “There’s something ‘bout this. Let’s keep it moving, and if it’s good, let’s just get something cooking. ‘Cause I really wanna rock with you, I’m feeling some connection to the things you do (you do, you do).”

The music now intensified with an even larger boost of energy.

“I don’t know what it is, that makes me feel like this. I don’t know who you are, but you must be some kind of superstar. ‘Cause you got all eyes on you no matter where you are (you just make me wanna play),” the two girls duetted. 

“Baby, took a look around (eh oh eh oh eh oh). Everybody’s getting down (eh oh eh oh eh oh). Deal with all the problems later (later). Bad boys on their best behavior,” The two girls bounced around the room, while Harmony led the song.

She could imagine dancing along to the song at a night club, with green, pink and blue disco lights fluttering their vibrant, blinking colors across the dance floor. The scenery was nothing but usual, all except one thing: Harmony and Lewis were arm in arm, dancing passionately across the large room. The thought of this seemed to suddenly frighten Harmony, and she snapped out of her thoughts, and into reality.

“There’s something ‘bout this,” Stella sang. She began to envision her audition for NYADA, as she nervously danced around the stage, microphone in hand, while Miss Tibideaux observed closely and vigilantly, watching out for any incorrect dance move or note.  “Let’s keep it moving, and if it’s good, let’s just get something cooking. ‘Cause I really wanna rock with you (with you), I’m feeling some connection to the things you do (you do, you do).”

Stella now pictured Harmony on the stage with her, singing in unison.  “I don’t know what it is, that makes me feel like this. I don’t know who you are, but you must be some kind of superstar. ‘Cause you got all eyes on you no matter where you are (you just make me wanna play).”

Still envisioning the girls on the stage, Stella continued duetting with Harmony, “I like the way you’re moving (eh oh eh oh eh oh). I just get into the grove and then (you just make me wanna play). If you just put pen to paper (eh oh eh oh eh oh). Got that feeling I’ll see you later.”

“Make your move, can we get a little closer,” Stella’s voice, as sweet as honey, sang the bridge seductively, “You rock it just like you’re supposed to. Hey, boy, I ain’t got nothing more to say. ‘Cause you just make me wanna play.”

“I don’t know what it is, that makes me feel like this. I don’t know. Gotta be, gotta be a superstar, All eyes on you (you just make me wanna). I don’t know what it is, that makes me feel like this. I don’t know who you are, but you must be some kind of superstar. ‘Cause you got all eyes on you no matter where you are (you just make me wanna play),” the girls belted in unison, ending the song.

Both of them smiled as the performance ended.


Amanda scooped a pile of dishes from the kitchen, then approached the man that sat at a table in the restaurant, reading a novel of some sort.

As Amanda advanced towards the table, she noticed that her apron had yet another stain on it.

Typical Sandy, not washing the aprons again, she mumbled under her breath. It was the beginning of her evening shift. If it weren’t for her family still being in poverty, she wouldn’t have had to be working such long, enervating hours during the night each day of the week.

“Is this your dish, sir?” she politely asked the man at his table, displaying the lemon infused roasted chicken dish, with a complementary soy sauce to accompany the Chinese-styled dish.

“Yes, it is,” he looked up from his book.

“Freddie!?” exclaimed Amanda. “Is that you?”

“Amanda, it’s great to see you! I didn’t think I’d see you, or any of the glee kids, since graduating, but obviously I was wrong. Also, I never knew you worked here,” Freddie said surprisedly.

“Yeah... well, my family’s been struggling and we can’t get by without each of us working.”

“Well, thank you very much for the dish,” Freddie said. Amanda was about to walk off, when Freddie quickly called her back. “Here,” he said, pulling something out of his wallet. “Take this.”

Amanda was shocked when she noticed Freddie pull out the large quantity of cash, then handing it to her with a smile.

“What is this for?” Amanda gasped.

“Take it,” Freddie replied, firmly keeping it in her hand. “I know you need it, you just told me you did, so you can’t lie now.”

“I do need it... but... I can’t take all that. That’s ridiculous. Don’t you need it, what with entering college soon?”

“I do, but I’ve graduated. I’m mature enough to get a job and work. You’re only a sophomore now, right? You can’t be running around in a restaurant, working for some picky old lady that doesn’t give two cents about you. Please, take it. I’m not going to let you leave until you do,” Freddie begged.

“Fine, but only half,” Amanda halved the money, then took one hand, sincerely thanking Freddie. “So, what are you doing in college? I mean, considering you’ve left school and all.”

“I’m taking some writing courses, and my college classes for advanced English Literature start next week. I kind of feel like everyone in that glee club had such detailed and explicit ideas on what they wanted to do with their futures. Most of them are still dreaming of going to New York; my dreams kind of feel small compared to everyone else’s.”

“Look, I know you really want to give me the cash, but, honestly, I don’t know if I can take it. It seems as if you’re struggling with money problems just as much as I am. You need it just as much as I do. Please take it back.” Amanda couldn’t help but feel guilty about taking the money, when Freddie seemed to need it as much as she did.

“Amanda, please,” he replied. “I want you to have it. I’ll get by. The funny thing is, I’m actually here because BreadStix is holding auditions for singers, one male and one female. I’ll probably get the job, which means I’ll be getting money every week for doing part-time performances here in the evening.  I know that we’re all struggling, but, the only way we’ll get through is if we help each other out.”

Amanda smiled, gave Freddie a thankful hug, and eventually continued on with her waitress duties, the money slipped inside her pocket.

Freddie knew that Amanda was correct: he did need the money just as much as she did. But he also knew that working at BreadStix part-time would provide an efficient source of cash to pay off his college fees.

“Freddie Weathers?” the manager of the restaurant smiled flirtatiously at Freddie, interrupting his thoughts.

“Yes, that’s me,” Freddie smiled back, slightly creeped out at the way Sandy had tried to put on what she believed to be a ‘sexy face’ to try and impress Freddie, despite their age dissimilarities.

Sandy ushered Freddie into a small room out the back of the restaurant. Inside, everything was arranged in an office-like manner. The room seemed extremely secretive to Freddie, and he was almost one hundred percent sure that even Amanda didn’t know of its existence.

“Right, I don’t got all day,” Sandy groaned. “Audition.”

Freddie tried not to laugh at how much Sandy reminded him of a female version of Ebenezer Scrooge from the Charles Dickens Christmas-themed novel. 

“Okay, well, uh... I guess I’ll begin,” he said as she shuffled to the centre of the small room, performing a quick vocal warm-up in order to prepare for his audition. Impressing Sandy was going to prove difficult.


Assembled in the Jackson High choir room, Jason winked at the band, the action that was intended to trigger the performance.

“One, two, one, two, three!” the backing band sang.

Just as Jason had organized, Justine came running into the room with a bunch of cheerleaders.

“Oh, yeah-yeah,” Jason sang, with a large group of Super Girls following Justine’s lead, and joining in with the backing vocals.

“Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. Ooh! Oh, yeah-yeah. Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. Ooh!”
“Never had much faith in love or miracles (miracles),” Jason continued. “Never wanna put my heart on the line. But swimming in your world is something spiritual (spiritual). I'm born again every time you spend the night.”

Meanwhile, back in the hidden room inside the BreadStix restaurant, Freddie sang for his audition, “‘Cause your sex takes me to paradise. Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise. And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘Cause you make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven. For too long, for too long. Yeah, you make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven. For too long, for too long.”

“Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. Ooh! Oh, yeah-yeah. Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. Ooh!” Jason sang once again, repeating the first solo verse.

“You bring me to my knees,” Freddie continued in his audition, kneeling on the ground. “You make me testify (testify).” He now got up as he continued to sing, “You can make a sinner change his ways. Open up your gates cause I can't wait to see the light (light). And right there is where I wanna stay.” 
The song reminded Freddie of his ex-girlfriend, Daisy, and how upset he still was for her dumping him.

Back at Jackson High, Jason sang, while even more cheerleaders, as well as other random students joined in the dance and backing vocals, “‘Cause your sex takes me to paradise. Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise. And it shows, yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘Cause you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven. For too long, for too long. Yeah, you make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven. For too long, for too long.”

The song might not have meant much to the glee kids or cheerleaders - who mostly believed the song to be yet another carefree, lively pop performance arranged for glee club - but the song certainly meant a lot to Jason. Over the Summer holidays, and the commencement of school, Jason had learnt how much he needed Winter in his life. Having her away had made him feel as if he had been ‘locked out of heaven’, as if Winter was the only thing in his entire life that made him feel like he were in heaven.

 “Oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah. Can I just stay here? Spend the rest of my days here?” Jason belted.

“Oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah-yeah-yeah,” Freddie sang. His main way of winning Sandy over and getting her to choose him for the job was by using sex appeal in his performance. He tried to sound as seductive in his voice as he could, and his body movements definitely followed this path also. “Can't I just stay here? Spend the rest of my days here?”

“‘Cause you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven. For too long, for too long. Yeah, you make feel like, I've been locked out of heaven. For too long, for too long,” both Jason and Freddie sang through a montage.

“Oh yeah yeah yeah. Ooh! Oh yeah yeah. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Ooh!” they duetted the ending verse.

“Great job, Jason,” Jesse smiled while the kids clapped.

“Yeah, too bad your girlfriend’s gone,” Carlton teased.

“Excuse me?” Jason questioned Carlton. “Did you really just say that? Well, you know what, too bad your father’s gone. How does that feel now?” 

“You know what, everyone, I’ve had just about enough of this club!” Liz screamed as she hopped out of her seat. “I’m sick of you, especially, Carlton, for being so rude. I quit this club, and don’t expect me to come back!”

At that, Liz ran out of the choir room. “Good,” Carlton smiled. “One less member fighting for solos.”

Poppy sighed. “I am SO sick of all this drama between you and Liz.” She stared Carlton directly in the eyes. “And leave my brother alone! I’ve said this before, but you should have just stayed at Vocal Adrenaline!”

“Guys, calm down,” Jesse tried to return the room to its usually peaceful state.

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!” Carlton yelled at his teacher. “And, Poppy, you’re right. I don’t belong here, not at all. I hate it here. I’m leaving tomorrow. I quit. I’m going back to Vocal Adrenaline.” Carlton spat on Poppy’s shoes as he exited.

“I can’t believe he just did that!” Rex exclaimed. Generally, Rex was one to see the best in people, and always ignored people’s bad qualities, but seeing Carlton spitting on Poppy’s shoe was unacceptable, in his eyes. This caused him to go chasing after Carlton.

“Rex, come back!” Nick screamed, but it was too late.

Amanda laughed. “Just let him be, he would have no clue how to throw a punch, anyway.”

“Everyone, sit down!” Harmony exploded with rage. “I have had enough of everything lately! I miss Terri, and barely anyone in this room has come to support me, because you’re all so caught up in your own worlds. I spent the past year trying to bring us all together, but it is not working. I am tired, and this club exhausts me. I am so tempted to follow everyone else’s lead right now and quit forever myself, but I can’t do that. This club needs me, and the only way we’re ever going to get this club to run smooth, is if we work together. I’m taking a break.”

“We really need you,” June attempted to convince Harmony to stay. “We can’t just have you quit.”

“I prefer to define it as a one-week break, as me being absent for a little while. I’ll be back, I swear.” Harmony tried to hold in her tears, but it didn’t come easy to her, considering all the pain. She grabbed a few tissues to dry her eyes with as she meandered her way out of the room awkwardly.


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