Due to the end of this fan fic, I've decided to have a summary page explaining what would have happened in the future of the series had I finished it….

PLEASE NOTE I have only included the most important parts. There were lots of other mini-drama plot lines planned but they didn't really affect the storyline majorly so I haven't included them below. I've also only included the most important songs too!


The episode begins at the Harpse household, where Phoebe enters Harmony’s bedroom, after hearing her screaming with yet another nightmare. Harmony tells her sister that it was a bad dream about Terri, once again. Phoebe comforts her, and asks her what exactly she pictured him as this time, and Harmony explains she imagined him dressed in a suit and tie at some sort of party or family get-together. Phoebe expresses her concern for Harmony and suggests she visit a psychologist with her, to see if anything can be done to help aid her in the depletion of her nightmares.

Laura enters the glee club to collect some books, then sees Spider sitting down crying. She says “you crying over my replacement?” and Spider says, “bitch, Ant’s about to die.” Laura doesn’t believe it, but after Spider explains that the doctor just called him saying that Ant’s about to pass, she apologises and tells him she will come to the hospital. 

The next scene is where Winter is shown telling her mother that she is bisxual. Her mother bursts into tears and storms off, leaving Winter unsure of her mother’s true reaction (scene I wrote below)

It was the beginning of yet another hot summer day. Winter slammed the door behind her as she left the bathroom where she had been brushing her teeth, then proceeded to run up the stairs. She grabbed her bag from the floor, then stared at her unmade bed. It was almost as messed up as her unkempt and disheveled appearance. 

Although Winter had gained great support from her friends at school, she still wasn’t sure exactly where she stood with her parents. Winter had tried to avoid them at all costs since arriving home from her nomadic journey. She found it rather difficult to explain to anyone why she was trying to steer clear of her parents, because the only valid reason she could tell them was that she didn’t want to have to discuss why she had been so upset with them. But deep inside, one of the underlying causes of leaving was her sexual orientation.

More than anything, Winter was worried that her parents would find out her deepest struggle: her bisxuality. Winter had tried to tell her parents on several occasions about the way she was feeling, but she had always ended up chickening out in fear of their reactions. Seemingly out of nowhere, her urge to come out of the closet had suddenly sprouted, and she was determined to go ahead with it on this one day. 

A rough patch had already formed in the relationship between Winter and her parents, so ruining it further didn’t seem to matter to the girl. Through her eyes, there was nothing she could lose. She was sure that even if her parents were not accepting of her orientation, she would have plenty of friends willing to provide a temporary home for her. After all, Jason and Poppy had already welcomed Carlton to stay at their home after his mother had kicked him out for being gay; and Winter had stayed at Justine’s for a few nights before too. 

Today is the day. You can do it, Winter repeated to herself, in order to prepare herself.

It’s now or never, she told herself. Just come out now. Just get it over and done with, and you’ll never have to do it again. She was ready, and she knew it. Her toes tickled the threads of the carpet beneath her. She entered the kitchen where her mother was preparing dinner, and her father sat at the dining table. 

“Mom. Dad,” she said anxiously. “I need to tell you something.”

“Hurry up!” Helen yelled.

“Helen!” Leo looked towards his wife. “What have I said about yelling to Winter?”

Helen grumbled, then turned to Winter, pretending to smile. “Anything, my dear.”

“Well, uh... there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. And I thought know was a good time, since there’s already a lot we need to sort out,” Winter said honestly.

Winter took a deep breath, exhaled, then braced herself for the worst. “Mom. Dad. I’m bisexual.” Although the words escaped her mouth confidently, nothing could mask the fear within.

Neither of Winter’s parents knew how to respond. Winter had always been excellent at acting, so hiding her sexuality from her parents was not something she struggled with.

Leo got up out of his seat and slammed the newspaper he had been reading onto the table. Winter stood back, suddenly worried at what her father was about to do.

He took a few steps closer to Winter, staring at her right in the eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he suddenly screamed, screwing up his face with rage.

“I... I was afraid,” Winter stuttered, as she started to cry.

“Please say something,” Winter eventually broke the silence. “Please.”

Helen turned off the stove and slowly walked towards her daughter. “I don’t know what to say,” she said, turning to her daughter. 

By now, everyone was crying. “I’m sick of this family!” Leo shouted.

“I’ve had it up to here with you lot!” he screeched. “I can’t believe we can’t all just be honest with each other! I can’t believe that we’re all so afraid of one another that we can’t say how we really feel! This isn’t what a family’s supposed to be! People in a family can tell each other everything. But for some reason, things don’t work that way in this family. Winter, I don’t care about your orientation. You can be whoever you are, for all I care. What disappoints me is that we all fear what we all think of each other, and that’s not okay.”

“Dad, I’m sorry. I should have told you earlier.”

“It’s fine, Winter,” Leo said. “Now, Helen, do you have anything to say?”

“I think my body language says it all,” Helen said, clearly distraught. “Just get out off the house! Go to school! We can discuss this later.”

Winter, fearing for her life, quickly left, slamming the front door shut behind her. 

In the next scene, Winter, Laura and Harmony are all seen singing NUCLEAR SEASONS by CHARLI XCX together, with shots of the three performing in glee club, with flashbacks to all of the events that were just shown (Winter having flashbacks of the argument with her parents, Harmony having flashbacks to her dreams & Laura thinking of what Spider said about Ant going to die).

Poppy has developed a friendship with Lewis, and he invites her, Harmony and Jason to his family friend’s orchard for the upcoming weekend. After some convincing, they all accept.

Harmony, Phoebe and their parents visit the psychologist. The psychologist asks Harmony if there is anything in her life, excluding the loss of her boyfriend, that is troubling her or causing her stress. Harmony thinks for a moment, then explains to the psychologist how one of her best friends, Winter, had gone missing for months, and she had only just returned, so that had made her quite upset as well. After further thought, Harmony decides that being a member or captain of several extracurricular programs can make her occasionally stressed, and the psychologist abruptly interrupts Harmony and tells her to downgrade her roles or quit them all. Harmony’s parents agree with the psychologist, and suggest she also quit glee club, once and for all, for all it seems to do in her life is cause her unnecessary stress. A speechless Harmony doesn’t reply. Phoebe defends Harmony and reminds her parents that glee club means a lot to Harmony, and without it, she would be even more depressed. Harmony then states that being a part of these clubs helps her take her mind of Terri, but everyone else, excluding Phoebe, ignore her and tell that overworking herself is even more unhealthy. Phoebe complains that nobody is listening to Harmony and storms out, tagging Harmony along with her. Her parents leave annoyed, thanking the psychologist on the way out.

In glee club the following day, Harmony announces to the group that she is stepping down as co-captain and lead female vocalist of the group. The glee club, including Jesse, are shocked at the announcement, and Jesse then decides that he wants auditions to be held for new co-captains since Terri has left and Harmony just withdrew her role. He explains that he will he will be assessing each member individually, but he will still accept solos or duets, just no group auditions. The club appear excited about the news.

After glee club, Harmony admits to Lewis that she will be quitting glee club the next day, and she also can’t go to the apple-picking day because her parents won’t let her ‘overwork’ herself, but Lewis does not believe it, and calls her a liar. Harmony tries to explain, but Lewis doesn’t want to hear, and he storms off, screaming “you better be there!” Harmony sighs under her breath, now alone in the halls.

Further down the halls, Amy sees Jesse leaving the choir room. She tells Jesse she has finally made up her mind about coaching the glee club with him. Jesse is excited for her response, but this vibe fades when he hears that she has declined his proposal. She explains that the reason she took so long to finalize her answer was because her mother named Carol is sick in hospital, and she is constantly having to look after her, so working extra time would have been difficult for her to manage. Jesse apologises for rushing her decision, as he did not understand her mother was unwell, then proposes that to make up for it, he invite her to watch and judge the auditions for lead performers, and she agrees to this.

At home, Helen sits down with Winter and explains that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and apologises for everything. She explains that as she is aware, when she was a child and they were traveling around due to Helen’s work as a journalist and Leo’s work as a musician, a gang broke into their house in Germany, and they were all beaten severely, and Winter was raped. She says that just like Winter she finds it difficult to move on, and that is part of the reason she failed to take good care of Winter, because she couldn’t take care of herself to begin with. Winter tells her to stop, for she still has nightmares about the incident and wants to forget. Helen tells her that she has screwed up A LOT and wants forgiveness. Winter says that forgiveness doesn’t come easy to her, especially when someone has done something insurmountably unforgivable, but then remembers how Jason forgave her for running away, and decides to forgive Helen.  She then says, “on one condition, you let me have the career I want” and Helen sighs, then agrees. She explains that the only reason she didn’t want Winter to become a performer was because she saw how difficult it was for Leo to become successful, and she had always wanted to be a singer but failed miserably too. Winter asks if she will sing with her, and they perform Old Money by Lana Del Rey After the song, Helen tells Winter that she is taking counseling, and Leo won’t be returning to the mines for work again until after Winter has graduated and left for college, to take care of them all, which Winter says she likes a lot. They hug and the scene ends.

Harmony is about to sneak out to go to the orchard, but Phoebe sees. Harmony sighs, annoyed, but Phoebe says she won’t tell their parents, and she says she’ll say that she’s resting and not to interrupt. 

At the orchard, Lewis, Poppy, Jason and the two who own the orchard greet her. Jason asks Harmony if she likes Lewis, and Poppy asks Lewis if he likes Harmony. They both say they’re ‘just friends’, and Harmony and Lewis break out into a dream sequence, performing People Will Say We’re In Love from the musical Oklahoma!, while they pick apples and stare dreamingly at one another.

The next day, Jesse welcomes Justine and June to the stage for their audition. Jesse asks what they will be singing, and why, and they explain that they will be singing Burn the Pages by Sia for Winter since she has been going through a lot. They then start.

The next day in the halls, Nick comes running to Amanda and tells her that he was accepted onto the football team, run by her brother Patch. Nick asks why she looks disappointed, and she explains that she doesn’t just understand why he wants to be on the team when he doesn’t even like football, and he admits that he just did it to impress her, and she says that’s sweet but she honestly wouldn’t care if he’s a jock or not, she loves him regardless. 

Winter comes on stage, and first thanks everyone for their support and says that she has decided to audition with Hair by Lady Gaga as her audition.

Justine is waiting in the school car park after school for her father to pick her up, and finally he comes after an hour. Justine yells at him, complaining that she had to wait an hour and he says that he ‘forgot’ and then ‘got lost’, which Justine knows are just excuses. She gets in the car, and he is speeding a lot, and she keeps telling him to slow down, but he barely listens, for Justine has recognized the smell of beer on his breath, noticing he is drunk once again. When they get home, he drives over a rose bush in the driveway. Justine gets out and starts crying, saying it was the only memory she and Mother had of her Grandmother. Her father shrugs it off and goes inside. Justine’s mother has an argument with him saying that bush was planted as a memory of her mother, and Justine runs off to her room and starts crying, as her parents fight in the background.

Spider and Laura begin to sing Set Fire to the Rain by ADELE, with cuts to them performing it as their audition in glee club. Other cuts show them mourning the death of Spider’s son, Ant, as the heart monitor finally dies out.



  • the episode opens with Spider sharing his story to the glee club, that Ant has passed away. Winter and June perform Colors of the Wind for Spider, as it was one of his son's favourite songs. June then suggests they perform only Disney songs as a tribute to Ant. However, Laura thinks this is a terrible idea, as she doesn't "fancy the idea of prancing around in fairy and animal costumes" , to which June tells Laura to "lighten up and contribute to Ant's tribute week". However Laura doesn't budge and and blackmails her old enemy Ava into helping her stop the lesson.
  • Laurara tells Ava that she’ll help her stop the kids performing disney if she does a favor in return: help her get back on the cheerios.
  • This leads Carlton and Ava wanting to join the Cheerleading squad, and Miss Ellis doesn't want them to, but then she says they can, but on a few conditions: they must spy on the glee club for her, and Carlton is not allowed to perform at Sectionals, as Miss Ellis believes he is 'too overweight'.
  • Andy sings 'Arabian Nights' from Aladdin, imagining how Canada might be very different to Defiance
  • Rex embarrasses himself in front of all of his friends by trying to grasp the attention of his crush…. Nick!

Harmony has another encounter with Crystal Wright, where they initially start fighting, but then ends in a friendly conversation, where Crystal inspires Harmony to continue striving towards her dreams at NYADA, despite unsupportive efforts of her ex-boyfriend, who broke her heart. Meanwhile, Andy begins to worry about his future in Canada, and fears his friends won't miss him. June comforts him and also helps him to take care of his younger brother. Lewis performs "You Are The Music In Me" and then at the end asks Harmony if she will date him, but she denies, saying she's still not over Terri. She later performs "I WOn't Say I'm In Love" to reiterate her point to Lewis.

songs, part 1:

  • Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. Sung by Winter and June.  
  • Die Young/We R Who We R by Ke$ha/Ke$ha. Sung by Laura and Ava (to stop the glee club performing Disney songs)
  • You Are the Music in Me from High School Musical 2. Sung by Justine, Harmony and Lewis with The Unitards.
  • Perfect Isn’t Easy from Oliver and Company. Sung by Winter and Helen.
  • Go With the Flow from Finding Nemo: The Musical. Sung by June.
  • Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor’s Life For Me) from Pinocchio. Sung by The Unitards.
  • Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Sung by June.
  • I Won’t Say I’m In Love from Hercules. Sung by Harmony with The Unitards Girls.

songs, part 2:

  • Mickey, She’s Got a Crush on You by Splashdance. Sung by June and Tommy.
  • Friend Like Me from Aladdin. Sung by Rex.
  • I Want To Be Like Other Girls from Mulan II. Sung by June, Harmony and Winter.
  • Where Do I Go From Here from Pocahontas II. Sung by Amanda.
  • Until it Beats No More by Jennifer Lopez. Sung by Winter.
  • When Can I See You Again? by Owl City, from Wreck It Ralph. Sung by Rex and Freddie.
  • Arabian Nights from Aladdin. Sung by Andy with The Unitards (imagining how Canada might be very different to Defiance)
  • Shine from Tinkerbell. Sung by Crystal.
  • Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas. Sung by Crystal and Harmony.
  • That’s How You Know from Enchanted. Sung by June and Tommy.
  • In A World Of My Own from Alice In Wonderland. Sung by Harmony.



Harmony reminds The Unitards that there's a very high chance that they'll be versing Fusion, a glee club from Dallas, at Nationals, if they make it that far, and that the only way to beat them is to have better mash-ups than them, leading Jesse to declare the week's assignment mash-ups. There are two teams, each containing half of the club's members. The competition is between the two teams and whichever team has the better mash-up wins. Jesse invites Amy and Ginger to help and judge. However, Jesse's idea of "a friendly competition" only brings arguments and misconnections between members of the club as they head into a battle of the voices. Meanwhile, Liz attempts to get closer to a previous lover, Cameron, and he accepts her out to a date. meanwhile, Harmony receives shocking news…. that her ex boyfriend Terri is getting married to a girl he met named Maddie!


  • Wonderland/Brokenhearted by Natalia Kills/Karmin. Sung by Daisy and Laura.
  • Hello/Faithfully by Lionel Richie/Journey. Sung by Lewis and Harmony.
  • Judas/Bad Romance by Lady Gaga/Lady Gaga. Sung by Liz (about Cameron)
  • Dancing With a Broken Heart/Sitting on Top of the World by Delta Goodrem/Delta Goodrem. Sung by Harmony, June, Liz, Winter, Amanda, Daisy, Poppy and Laura.
  • We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions by Queen/Queen. Sung by Team 1 and Team 2 (a rivalry song)
  • Fireflies/Hey, Soul Sister by Owl City/Train. Sung by Group 1.
  • Don’t Leave Me This Way/Le Freak by The Communards/Chic. Sung by Group 2.
  • Eyes Open/Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift/Taylor Swift. Sung by Group 1 and Group 2 (at the end of the song, Harmony gets a text, looks down and it’s about Terri's future wedding, and she leaves the auditorium not explaining what happened)



  • Liz is shocked to discover Cameron has betrayed her already after only a week of them 'dating', as he has moved on and is dating a popular cheerleader named Wendy Palms (who is the sister of Tracy Palms, introduces in episode 1 of this season. They are polar opposites - Tracy is a socially awkward, intelligent, nerdy girl, while Wendy is popular, a cheerleader and rather unintelligent). In another scene, Wendy is seen playing 'truth or dare' with Cameron and their group of friends. Someone dares her to join the glee club, so she does. A flashback in Wendy's mind shows her parents complaining about how she continuously fails all her classes, and that she has to join some extra curricular clubs to make her college application look better.
  • Liz contemplates whether standing up to them and voicing her opinion will help her situation.
  • Laura attempts once again to win over Spider's love with "Legendary Lovers", then later performing a duet with him, but after he says he's annoyed at her still for not wanting to participate in Disney week. He says it was selfish of her, as the week was supposed to be dedicated to his son Ant. She apologises and admits she was being selfish, but he still refuses to enter in a relationship with her again.
  • Halfway through the episode, Harmony convinces her sister Phoebe to let her fly to Chicago to go to Terri's wedding, and she agrees.
  • Harmony meets Terri for the first time since his departure from Ohio. She starts yelling at him, asking why he never replied to her texts, emails, etc. and he replies with a simple, "I'm sorry, I've been busy." Harmony is frustrated, and the two sing "Mistakes" reminiscing over their previous relationship.
  • Terri later introduces Maddie to Harmony. Harmony breaks out into a mash up in a dream sequence, about how she is jealous of Terri and Maddie's relationship, and how she feels stupid for flying all the way to Chicago to meet Terri when he clearly doesn't deserve to see her.
  • The next scene is Terri and Maddie's wedding, held in a church. The two say their vows, which Harmony would add were both poorly written. When the priest asks if anyone has an objection to their marriage, Harmony dreams of standing up and singing "Speak Now" by Taylor Swift, objecting to their marriage, saying it's rushed and that they don't love each other. However, it's all a dream sequence and when she switches back to reality, Maddie and Terri and kissing passionately, and everyone is standing up, cheering. Harmony gets up and leaves, but no one really notices her because they're all so caught up in congratulating the two on the alter.
  • The episode ends with Harmony back at school, in Ohio. The Unitards perform a mash up group number, Harmony is upset about dilemma with Terri, Lewis is upset that Harmony rejected him, and Spider + Laura sing about their relationship problems too.


  • Everything’s Okay by Lenka. Sung by Harmony and Liz (sung after Liz finds out Cameron’s dating a girl named Wendy & Harmony finds out about Terri’s marriage to a girl named Maddie)
  • Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)/Smash Into You by Beyonce/Beyonce. Sung by Wendy with The Super Girls (Wendy’s audition for glee club, after being dared to join by her friends)
  • Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry. Sung by Laura (in glee club to convince Spider into a relationship)
  • Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko. Sung by Laura and Spider (right before Spider rejects Laura)
  • Mistakes by Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem. Sung by Terri and Harmony.
  • Jealous Girl/Miss Y by Lana Del Rey/Marina and the Diamonds. Sung by Harmony (when she sneaks around town and meets Maddie, her opinions on her and the situation)
  • Speak Now by Taylor Swift. Sung by Harmony.
  • Just Give Me a Reason/We Are Young by Pink ft. Nate Ruess/fun.. Sung by Harmony, Lewis, Spider and Laura with The Unitards.



A girl named Bonnie Rapture auditions for glee club in order to keep an eye on Jason, who she has developed a serious crush for, which causes tension between Winter and the new girl. She appears sweet at first, but Winter learns that she is not as sweet as she seems. Laura forms a friendship with Harmony, both drawing on their own situations of not being able to love the one they want to & they comfort one another. Meanwhile, Liz accomplishes something seemingly impossible to her… getting Cameron to agree to date her, even if it is behind Wendy's back.

  • Liz and Cameron perform a duet together in the choir room, and of course, Wendy happens to see it but she doesn't say anything just yet.
  • Bonnie convinces Jason to perform a duet with her, however he is unaware that she actually has a crush on him & just wants to spend more time with him. Winter holds in her frustration that Bonnie is trying to win Jason over even though she is aware he is already dating Winter
  • Harmony is still struggling to deal with what happened with Terri getting married.

SONGS compilation

  • Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga. Sung by Harmony, Laura, Winter, Spider, Teddy, Lewis and Daisy (episode opens with this song as a group number, reintroducing all the issues from last episode)
  • The Way by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller. Sung by Liz and Cameron (Cameron starts dating Liz behind Wendy’s back, and it makes Liz feel good - this is sung in the choir room in secret)
  • Mr. Mysterious by Vanessa Amorosi ft. Seany B. Sung by Bonnie and Simon (Bonnie’s audition song)
  • Lies/Starring Role by Marina and the Diamonds. Sung by Laura and Harmony (they comfort one another about their failed relationships)
  • Who’s That Girl by Guy Sebastian ft. Eve. Sung by Jason and Bonnie.
  • Princess of China by Coldplay and Rihanna. Sung by Spider and Laura.
  • Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson. Sung by Harmony and Daisy.
  • Should Have Said No by Taylor Swift. Sung by Harmony.
  • The One That Got Away/Everytime by Katy Perry/Britney Spears. Sung by Laura and Harmony.



  • After the school's newspaper writer introduces in episode one of this season, Tracy, creates trouble for the glee club by publishing an article in the school newspaper, stating that every glee club member is either gay, lesbian or bi, the glee club decide to take the article lightly and instead of denying the claims (even though they are untrue), they decide go out and share their opinions on this controversial issue throughout the school: sexuality.
  • Harmony learns to overcome her problems regarding Terri, with the help of Laura and Harmony.
  • The glee club's LGBT+ acceptance week assignment encourages Rex to admit to the glee club that he is bisexual, to which everyone gets up and hugs him.
  • Carlton finally rejoins the glee club to 'help the campaign', however, he is actually just trying to get closer to help Miss Ellis spy on the club.
  • As auditions begin for the school's musical production, and tension rises, the Unitards must learn to unite as one.
  • Ava is determined to abolish her bad reputation by taking back she is a lesbian, and so she hates on the glee club's assignment by blasting her recorded covers of "anti-gay" songs around the school, including "Ur So Gay" by Katy Perry (which she believes to be "anti-gay" but really isn't).
  • Cameron finally breaks up with Wendy for Liz, which excites Liz but disappoints Wendy. Wendy grows increasingly mad at Liz and doesn't like the glee club's LGBT acceptance campaign they are running, and fears her friends will laugh at her for being a part of it, so she decides to leave the glee club.


7.1/ We All Need Love, Heart 1

  • Problem by Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea. Sung by Harmony, Laura and Rex (Harmony about Terri, people then question who Laura and Rex are singing for and they say no one, but really it’s for Spider and Nick respectively)
  • Ur So Gay by Katy Perry. Sung by Ava (records the song, the song is aimed to the glee club so that other students at the school think she’s popular because she doesn’t like them).
  • Royals/Breakaway by Lorde/Kelly Clarkson. Sung by The Unitards.
  • Work Bitch by Britney Spears. Sung by Laura, Liz and Cameron (to Ava)
  • Light Surrounding You by Evermore. Sung by Cameron (audition song when he decides to leave Wendy completely)
  • Don’t Let Me Fall by Lenka. Sung by Liz.
  • Y.M.C.A. by Village People. Sung by The Unitard Girls.
  • If You Were Gay from Avenue Q. Sung by Amanda.
  • Let’s Have a Kiki by The Scissor Sisters. Sung by Carlton and Poppy with The Unitards.

7.2/ We All Need Love, Heart 2

  • I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross. Sung by The Unitards Boys?
  • Unstoppable from A.N.T Farm. Sung by Poppy.
  • Dancing Queen by ABBA. Sung by Harmony and June.
  • I Am What I Am by La Cage Aux Folles. Sung by Laura and Ava.
  • Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert. Sung by Simon, Carlton, Winter, Rex and Laura (Simon falls in love with Rex)
  • G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga. Sung by Liz.
  • Blood Brothers by Ingrid Michealson. Sung by Laura, Harmony, Cameron, Liz, Justine, June, Tommy, Winter, Jason, Wendy, Nick, Rex, Amanda, Poppy and Carlton.
  • Daydreamin’ by Austin Roberts. Sung by The Unitards.



As The Unitards prepare for their Sectionals competition later in the week, members of the glee club prepare their auditions for the steadily approaching musical production for the year, and an enemy causes strife once again. Arguments emerge regarding who rightfully deserves the solo at Sectionals, but all disputes must be settled before the competition begins against The Shining Showstoppers, once again, and an all-boys college choir.

  • Jesse asks the kids to perform songs and if they all like it, they will select it as a song for Sectionals and revise the numbers that way
  • A voice over scene in the halls show Amanda growing increasingly confused, as she has feelings for Rex but is still in a relationship with Nick. She performs "Video Games" in glee club as a suggestion song for Sectionals, but it also acts as a love song for Nick.
  • The kids end up selecting entirely different songs for Sectionals
  • First up to perform at Sectionals is The Shining Showstoppers, followed by The Musical Melodies, and lastly The Unitards.
  • The Unitards end up winning, The Musical Melodies come second, and The Shining Showstoppers end up losing.
  • After Sectionals, Jackson and Crystal are seen in the empty auditorium where they had performed early. They are shown kissing passionately as their relationship is revealed. They decide that they both want to transfer to The Unitards to join them, as they "see no point in life" if they can't be in a glee club.
  • The Unitards at first are skeptical to allow Jackson and Crystal to join, but they end up letting them join.

ep 8 songs list

  • Roar by Katy Perry. Sung by Harmony and Winter (suggestion song for sectionals)
  • Video Games by Lana Del Rey. Sung by Amanda (suggestion song for sectionals, also a love song for Nick)
  • Give It Up from Victorious. Sung by Justine and June (suggestion song for sectionals)
  • I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) by The Four Tops. Sung by Poppy. (sectionals suggestion)
  • Golden Years/Funky Town by David Bowie/Lipps Inc.. Sung by Jackson with the Shining Showstoppers (Sectionals)
  • This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Rey. Sung by Crystal and the Musical Melodies (sectionals)
  • Perfectly Marvelous/Put On Your Sunday Clothes from Cabaret/Hello Dolly. Sung by Harmony and Lewis (Sectionals)
  • Beautiful by Jessica Mauboy. Sung by Poppy, June, Winter, Laura and Amanda (Sectionals)
  • Hate to Love You by Karmin. Sung by Jason, Laura, Rex, Winter, Harmony, Amanda, Lewis, Justine & Poppy (performed at Sectionals)
  • Put Your Hearts Up/Put Your Hands Up by Ariana Grande/Matchbox 20. Sung by Crystal and Jackson (this episode they join the unitards)
  • We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke. Sung by The Unitards.



  • Auditions for the school musical of 'The Little Mermaid' slowly come to a close.
  • Both June and Harmony audition for the role of Ariel, however, June believes she deserves the role more than Harmony as she 1) fits the appearance of Ariel better than her and 2) has been preparing for the role of Ariel since she was 5.
  • Tension arises when a last minute audition is made by Crystal as Ariel, threatening the auditions of June and Harmony.
  • An old romance finally resurfaces between Spider and Laura.
  • Daisy meets with Freddie once again, to discover he has been accepted into a prestigious writing college just outside of Defiance. Daisy is ecstatic for him.
  • Since Lewis is the only male to audition for the role of Ariel's lover, he immediately gets the role. Being the theatre nerds Lewis and Harmony are, they decide to go through the script to the musical, even before it is confirmed who Ariel will be, and they arrive at the scene where Ariel and her lover must kiss, and suddenly, Harmony and Lewis are kissing. Harmony then says she takes back what she had said about still loving Terri, as she feels she has moved on from him by now, and is "ready for a fresh slate in love".
  • The main role of Ariel is given to Harmony, which makes June very upset. She performs "Part of Your World" while she cries at not getting the role, in split scenes with Harmony, who is practicing for the play.
  • Crystal is cast as Ursula, the wicked queen.
  • In the end, Mr. Jelly once again has to cancel the musical, as he cannot afford to increase the glee club's budget to pay for the expensive underwater props and costumes, and all the glee kids are disappointed.


  • Cheek to Cheek/Wouldn’t It Be Loverly by Fred Astaire/from My Fair Lady. Sung by Lewis and Harmony (audition for musical)
  • There! Right There! from Legally Blonde: The Musical. Sung by Crystal? (audition)
  • Lollipop by MIKA. Sung by Freddie and Daisy.
  • Children of the Bad Revolution by Lana Del Rey. Sung by Laura and Spider (they're finally back together!)
  • I Want It Now! from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sung by Crystal.
  • Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. Sung by June and Harmony.
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid. Sung by Crystal.


EPISODE 10: Goodbye

  • Wendy reauditions for the glee club, as she says she missed not being it.
  • Carlton gets into a major fight with the kids, and threatens to leave Jackson High once and for all, as he is "fed up with everyone".
  • Justine doesn't show up at school and the kids are wondering she is. The next day, she explains what happened:
    • The weekend before, Justine's mother planned on divorcing her father, for two reasons: 1) he was verbally and physically abusive towards her, Justine, and Justine's sister and was a serious alcoholic, and 2) Justine's mother had secretly fallen in love with another man and planned to marry him.
    • Justine's father was angry at the news that his wife wanted to divorce him, and he was under the influence of alcohol when he heard the news, which lead him to kill Justine’s mother.
    • Her father is later taken to prison for the murder of Justine's mother.
  • The glee kids are shocked at this news and are surprised she's back at school this early. Jesse asks where she and her sister are staying, since her mother is now dead and her father is in prison, and she replies saying that her mother's boyfriend is taking care of them. Winter says she can stay with her any time they need. She reminds Justine of the time that she took her into her home, when she had nowhere to go, and says she is willing to reciprocate the deed if Justine has nowhere to stay. Justine says she is fine staying with her mother's lover, but thanks her anyway.
  • Jesse encourages Justine to stay away from school until she recovers. He offers to drive her home before the end of the school day, and she agrees.
  • June and the glee kids comfort Justine with songs before she leaves.
  • As Justine walks through the halls to her locker to pick up her bag, she sings "Summertime Sadness". 
  • Justine sings "Here" at the altar as she attends her mother's funeral with her sister, her mother's lover, and her friends in the glee club.
  • Justine has become a very delicate girl after all she’s been through.
  • An article is published in the school's gossip newspaper by Tracy Palms of Ava Collins at a gay bar, kissing another girl. Ava sees the column and is bullied by everyone as they throw slushies at her.
  • The final scene of the episode is of Ava singing "Russian Roulette" in her bedroom, tying a rope from a hook in the ceiling, as she stands on a stool, ready to commit suicide.

10/ Goodbye

  • Funhouse by P!nk. Sung by Wendy. 
  • Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. Sung by Justine.
  • This Ain’t A Love Song (This is Goodbye) by Scouting For Girls. Sung by Carlton.
  • 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train. Sung by Poppy and Carlton.
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry/Cry by Fergie/Kelly Clarkson. Sung by June and Justine.
  • Beautiful/Everybody’s Beautiful by Christina Aguilera/Miasha. Sung by June, Laura and Justine with The Unitards.
  • Here by Sarah Blasko. Sung by Justine.
  • Hard to Say Goodbye from Dreamgirls. Sung by Poppy and Carlton.
  • Some Things Are Meant to Be from Little Women. Sung by June and Harmony.
  • Patience by Damian Marley. Sung by Simon, Teddy, Laura, Bonnie, Spider and Ava.
  • I Will Remember by Sarah McLachlan. Sung by Justine.
  • Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne. Sung by June, Harmony, Andy and Justine.
  • Remember When by Avril Lavigne. Sung by Justine.
  • Russian Roulette by Rihanna. Sung by Ava.


This is basically the furthest I got in terms of fully planning episodes. I had lots of other mini subplots for future episodes, but not very many major story lines. Basically, what would have happened in the rest of this season and future seasons is the glee kids would have worked together to help Justine recover from her extremely dramatic storyline outlined in episode 10. Carlton never returns to Jackson High, and instead rejoins his old team Vocal Adrenaline. He verses The Unitards at Regionals but doesn't win (yikes!) The school musical would have been Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The Unitards would have gone to New York for Nationals in episode 21, and won!! Harmony and Lewis get accepted into NYADA, while June is denied a position. The seniors would have graduated (Harmony, Lewis, Poppy, June, Laura, Tommy, Daisy and Spider).

What Would Have Happened In Seasons 3++ (The Futures of Everyone)….

  • Amy ends up coaching The Unitards alongside Jesse, and they lead The Unitards to a second Nationals victory in season four.
  • June gets accepted into NYADA at the second round of auditions at the start of season three, joining Lewis, Stella (Lewis' sister) and Harmony at the prestigious New York performing arts school. All four of them manage to become famous Broadway stars, often starring alongside one another in shows.
  • Harmony learns that Phoebe is still using her money for drugs, and helps her recover from her addiction.
  • Tommy and Poppy both move to LA at the start of season three to pursue individual careers in the music industry. Both accomplish their goals, and although they don't become EXTREMELY popular, they are able to produce the music they wish to, and garner large enough fan bases to do what they love.
  • Tommy tries to convince Freddie to quit college and move to LA with him to be a singer, but luckily he doesn't, because he ends up becoming a best-selling American author.
  • Once Tommy has finished college in LA and is a famous singer, he moves to New York and proposes to June. They get married.
  • Andy ends up moving to Canada with his family. He does not get married but he finally overcomes his alcohol addiction and lives a happy life as a neuroscientist.
  • Amanda and Nick are an endgame couple, and Rex falls in love with a boy named Victor, and the two get married and adopt a child.
  • Harmony and Lewis get married.
  • Terri and Maddie remain together, and stumble upon a newly married Harmony and Lewis in New York on holiday. It is awkward at first, but Harmony ends up rekindling her friendship with Terri and she recognises that Maddie was never that bad to begin with - it was most likely just Harmony's jealousy of the relationship Maddie had with Terri that made her think Maddie was a bitch. Maddie and Terri invite Harmony and Lewis to Chicago and they accept.
  • Miss Ellis dies in a car crash and The Super Girls cheerleading squad is later run by Laura, who still has a passion for cheerleading.
  • Spider starts up his own art business and he makes lots of money from his paintings.
  • Simon starts his own LGBT+ awareness charity, helping local LGBT youth kicked out of their homes and rallying for amendments in the law in countries where human rights for people of differing sexualities are lacking.
  • Winter and Jason end up getting married also. Winter and Jason both go to a music college in New York, and stay in a large apartment with Harmony, Lewis, Stella and June. They take what they learn from music college and become famous singers as a duo couple named Winson - a combination of both their names.
  • Justine goes to the fashion college run by the man who awards her a fashion designing award in season one, Mr. Harley. She is later signed to a company where she leads a group of top fashion designers and she is able to run a designer clothing line of her own.
  • Teddy becomes a History teacher at Jackson High.
  • Liz and Cameron remain a couple. Liz becomes a music producer and Cameron becomes a popular DJ.

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