Dmitri Rory Morrison is a recurring character sheduled to appear in Season Two. He will be the lead vocalist of The Trebleteens, a glee club that The Unitards will be versing at a competition.

Dmitri is portrayed by Liam Payne, and was auditioned by Hinton.


Dmitri has short brown hair which he usually has spiked up, mainly because his hair is cut into an undercut. He has deep chocolate brown eyes which most people comment on mainly cause they're literally a deep milky chocolate brown. He is quite average height-wise standing at about 5'8". He is also quite slender for his age. He loves to wear a lot of colour in his outfits, for example, a light purple henley under a blue/black check button up shirt and denim shorts with bright purple chucks.


Dmitri is very shy when he first meets people, majority of his school wonders how he became lead of his school's show choir. When he is with other show choir leads in front of his show choir he is very rude and likes to tear them down, but when he's with show choir leads without his choir he is very sweet and kind, but is still a smart-mouth.


Dmitri grew up in London for the majority of his life. He later moved to Ohio when he was 10, so he still has quite a thick accent. When he started middle school, he was bullied severely for wanting to be a model or singer when he was older. When he was 15, he came out to his older brother, Ruben. He accepted Dmitri and told him that he would eventually have to come out to their parents. Dmitri told him that he was too scared and would never come out to anyone but him, later that year he came out to his best friends, Anita and Dean, and they loved him and told him that they would keep his secret. When a rumour went around that he was gay, everyone made fun of him, except of course for Anita, Dean and Ruben. But he couldn't cope with all the hate and tried to take his own life, he failed and after he had regained conciousness, his parents decided to move but Dmitri said he wouldn't without Anita and Dean. With the agreement of three sets of parents, Dean and Anita were set to live with the Morrison's in Ohio.

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