Demi is the upcoming thirteenth episode to the second season of Glee: The Unitards, and the thirthy-fifth episode overall.  The episode will be written by Gleekfan101, the Head Writer and creator of the series. Its current release date is unspecified. 


When Demi Lovato is chosen as the week's assignment, some of the glee club members join together to discuss their futures after high school. Meanwhile, a scenario unfolds with Jason right in the middle of it, and June makes a selfish decision that could make or break something she holds dear. Two familiar faces join forces with the kids, and Justine sings her assignment as a tribute to someone special in her heart.


So far, only the four songs have been revealed. Note all songs are by Demi Lovato unless otherwise stated.

  • Heart Attack
  • Fly/Skyscraper by Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna/Demi Lovato.
  • La La Land.
  • Here We Go Again.

Song NotesEdit

The Fly/Skyscraper mash-up was originally arranged by Hinton and used in Fusion, his fanfic. Jordan asked sometime back in 2012 to use the song in The Unitards, and Hinton accepted.


Episode Navigation

Season One
In The Beginning Smooth Criminal Preparation Begins I Kissed a Girl When Alcohol Is Involved Spying
Break Up Popularity A Win? One Will Always Follow Duets, Part 1 Duets, Part 2 The Bright Lights
Be Strong This Is Who I Am He's The Wizard Auditions, Part 1 Auditions, Part 2 Reunited Forgotten
Almost There We're Here! Christmas Time is Here Promalicious If We Ever Meet Again

Season Two
Everybody's Changing No Matter How Hard You Try, I'll Always Belong In The Sky
Disney, Magic Gone Tragic Disney, A Spell From Hell Duet With Me Mash Me Up
Dreading the Wedding The One That Got Away We All Need Love, Heart 1 We All Need Love, Heart 2
I Am A Champion Musical Mayhem Goodbye The Rally I'm Living Dead Demi Blow Me a Bubble
Tell Me That You Love Me Truly Scrumptious Be True To Who You Are
Dauntless Dreams and Rotten Realities 2x19 2x20 2x21.1 2x21.2
Goodbyes to the Past, Hellos to the Future

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