Daisy Evans
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Sexuality: Straight (Assumed)
Address: Defiance, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Little Miss Sweetie Cutie Pie (Herself), Beautiful Looking Popular Girl, Cousin, First Cousin (Amanda)
Family & Friends
Family: Patricia Evans (mother)
Unnamed father
Amanda Evans (Second Cousin)
Relationships: Freddie Weathers (crush; one-sided from Freddie's side)
Friends: Senior students and popular kids
Enemies: None
Other Information
Interests: Singing, dancing, being popular
Education: Jackson High
Creator: Jgal12
Series Information
First appearance: Auditions, Part 1
Portrayer: Miranda Cosgrove

Daisy Evans is a recurring character on Glee: The Unitards. Daisy is a junior student at Jackson High. She made her first appearance in Auditions, Part 1 where she auditions for the Jackson High concert. After Freddie hearing her audition, he immediately attempts to pursue a relationship with her, as well as try to convince her to join The Unitards, although he is unsuccesful with both, as she believes she would be risking her high popularity.

Daisy will play a cousin to Amanda Evans although neither will know this at first. She will make appearances in the remainder of Season One, and Jgal12 has confirmed she will more than likely re-appear for Season Two.

She is portrayed by popular iCarly actress and singer, Miranda Cosgrove.


Daisy is a sweet, caring person who puts the needs of others before her own. She is a very bubbly girl and sees the world in a very positive light. Although she doesn’t try to, she can come off as self-centered by others, although she is actually quite a modest person. Others only think she boasts often because whenever she talks to them, she talks really politely and sweetly and they can’t help but feel jealous, or as if she is fake, but she isn’t. Whenever something doesn’t go her way, or something goes extremely wrong, she doesn’t panic, but instead tries to find a way to fix the problem right away. Daisy is very friendly and social, but nevertheless she still likes working independently and doesn’t need company all the time. One of her flaws is that she’s always thinking about what others think of her, which is a reason why she always acts really sweet. She likes to be popular, and even though she never treats anybody with disrespect, she does avoid particular people to try and stay popular.


Season OneEdit



Solos In A Group NumberEdit

Song Title Original Artist Sung With Episode Title
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol The Unitards Reunited
About You Now The Sugababes The Unitards Girls Forgotten

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