Crystal Wright
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red (dyed color)
Brown (natural color)
Eye Color: Brown
Sexuality: Straight
Address: Defiance, Ohio (current)
Lima, Ohio (former)
Occupation(s): Student
The Musical Melodies Lead Performer and Captain
Aliases: Miss Let's Be Organized All The Time (Jackson), That Sassy Crystal Wright Chic (Harmony)
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Relationships: Jackson Holt (one kiss; possible continuation)
Friends: The Musical Melodies
Judy Woodman
Jackson Holt
Harmony Harpse (one-off friendship; previously)
Enemies: Harmony Harpse (main rival)
The Unitards
The Shining Showstoppers
Jackson Holt (previously)
Other Information
Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, show choir
Clique: The Musical Melodies
Education: St. Mary's Catholic College
Weaknesses: Her immediate connection to boys who can sing well and she thinks look "cute"
Creator: Gleekfan101
Series Information
First appearance: The Bright Lights
Portrayer: Ariana Grande

Crystal Wright is a recurring character on Glee: The Unitards, who debuted in the twelfth episode to the first season, The Bright Lights. Crystal was born and raised in Lima, Ohio, but moved to Defiance to attend an all-girls school, St. Mary's Catholic College. She is the lead performer and captain of the school's glee club, The Musical Melodies. She led her team to a 2012 Sectionals victory, however she placed second in her 2012 Regionals, losing to The Shining Showstoppers, but beating The Unitards. Crystal has a large crush on Jackson Holt, and shared one kiss with him, despite showing previous distaste for him and his glee club. 

Jordan has confirmed her re-appearances in the show's renewed second season.

Crystal is portrayed by singer and actress, Ariana Grande, and was created by Gleekfan101, the show's creator and writer.


Season OneEdit

The Bright LightsEdit

The Unitards are at one of The Musical Melodies concerts. She introduces herself and then sings in front of the crowd to "Spotlight" by Selena Gomez. Later, she meets with Harmony Harpse, and performs a duet of "I Don't Wanna Wait" by The Veronicas, leaving Harmony to envy her, as she believes she is a better singer than her and is prettier than her.


Season OneEdit



Solos (In A Group Number)Edit


  • Coincidentally, the actor who portrays Crystal, Ariana Grande, originates from Nickelodeon shows, whilst David Henrie, who portrays Jackson Holt, the lead of a rival glee club of Crystal's, originates from Disney shows. Ironically, Disney and Nickelodeon are rival channels/companies, and Jackson and Crystal are rival glee club leads.

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