April Rhodes is a guest starring character who first appeared in the fan-fiction in the first season's fifteenth episode, He's The Wizard. April first originated from Glee, who was a washed-up Broadway wannabe who was always drunk, until Will Schuester helped change her ways by bringing her to New Directions. Eventually she went on to Broadway, but arrived back in Lima to tell Will of her disastrous performance of an "all white production of The Wiz". She attemps to convince Will to come on Broadway with her, but he declines. But her musical named Crossrhodes was still successful, the male lead even going on to be awarded a Tony. She made an appearance in Glee: The Unitards when she said that she just misses her home here in Ohio, therefore she has a short holiday there. She will, along with Jesse St. James, direct the Jackson High school musical of The Wiz.


Season OneEdit


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